Missy Crutchfield: Honoring the Fallen, Let’s Also Remember Those Still Living… And Let’s Help Our Peacekeepers Once Again Find Peace in Their Lives in the Aftermath of War…

Today, too many men and women return from the frontline forgotten… As we remember and honor the fallen… Let’s not forget those still living, perhaps with deeply painful physical or emotional challenges… I’ve had the opportunity to witness it first-hand… For eight years, I served as Administrator of the City of Chattanooga Department of Education, […]


Gandhi’s Be Magazine Calls for #MoralMondayForFreeEgypt Join Us!!

PLEASE SHARE!! ‪#‎MoralMondayForFreeEgypt‬ Earlier this year, we called for a #MoralMondayForMohamedSoltan, the Egyptian American college graduate who was imprisoned in Egypt for participating in nonviolent protests and committed to a hunger strike for over 300 days… Through the hard work of NGO’s and activists around the world lobbying on The Hill and petitioning top U.S. […]


Missy Crutchfield: In Chattanooga, this moment and this man turned everything around, singularly…

In Chattanooga, this moment and this man turned everything around, singularly…In the wake of the tragic shooting in my hometown Chattanooga, Tennessee, this moment and this man reminded our community and our country that #WeAreOne In Chattanooga, this moment and this man turned everything around, singularly… In the wake of the tragic shooting in my […]

Arun part 1 photo

Mahatma Gandhi’s Grandson Arun Gandhi Makes Statement on Chattanooga Shooting

Arun Gandhi Chair Gandhi Global Center for Peace The recent shooting of four Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was another senseless act, in the milieu of a senseless war that has turned into a war of vengeance and prejudice. My heart goes out to victims on both sides. Hate, prejudice and destruction is not what civilization […]


Exclusive: In Wake of Chattanooga, Tennessee shooting, Islamic Society Releases Statement

Chattanooga, Tennessee the latest location in a string of mass shootings in recent years, 4 Marines killed, the shooter dead, and many questions remain. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.” As […]


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350.org: Ten years later

Dear friends, I’m writing you from the coast of southern Louisiana. I’m here because today marks an important anniversary for those of us who care about both climate change and racial justice: Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on this coast, and set in motion a catastrophe that’s still being felt from Texas to […]

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350.org: Ende Gelände: Safe and Sound

It’s been two weeks since Ende Gelände.  Two weeks on and I’m still hearing stories come in, reflections shared, and seen the bruises turn different shades of purple to yellow. I’ve heard about the nerves people felt ahead of the action; the hard conversations, frustrations and stress from organising and new decision-making processes; the solidarity…

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PETA: Victory! Everything Is About to Change for Chimpanzees in Laboratories

New regulation stops chimpanzees from being subjected to experiments in U.S. laboratories.
The post Victory! Everything Is About to Change for Chimpanzees in Laboratories appeared first on PETA.

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Cory Galbraith, Webcast Canada: Gandhi’s 6 Rules of Leadership Needed Today

Young Gandhi

He was a poor public speaker and changed his mind often. Mahatma Gandhi knew he wasn’t perfect. But he practiced a series of leadership principles which remain valid to this day. If you’re a team leader, manager or running a project – learn how Gandhi would have handled things. 1. Let your team know that […]

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Electronicintifada: Israel group concerned BDS “now mentioned alongside…private prison divestment, minority rights and fossil fuels”

Palestinians salute Black solidarity, call for joint struggle Palestinians have welcomed the declaration signed by more than 1,000 Black activists, artists and scholars in solidarity with the Palestinian people. This comes as an Israel lobby group is expressing concern at the growing cooperation between Black activists and Palestinians. The statement, whose endorsers include scholar-activists Angela […]

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ONE: Artists join forces to stand #WithStrongGirls

Music superstars D’Banj, Diamond, Banky W and Femi Kuti joined forces with Omotola, Waje, Selmor Mtukudzi to produce a new remix of the “Strong Girl” song

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Grist: People are still living in FEMA’s toxic Katrina trailers — and they likely have no idea

As soon as Nick Shapiro turned into the parking lot of the Tumbleweed Inn in Alexander, N.D., he recognized the trailers. They were off-white, boxy, almost cartoonish, and unadorned with any of the frills — racing stripes, awnings, window treatments — that a manufacturer would typically add to set a trailer apart on a display […]

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Fellowship of Reconciliation: Goodbye George – Thanks for a job well done

With respect to the passing on of George Houser, on August 19, 2015, I would like to say some words of remembrance.

George Houser, first of all, was a man for whom I held an enormous amount of respect.

I met George, together with his wife Jean, in 2010, at a time late in both our lives, through a friend, at his home at Friends House in Santa Rosa, California. We had what seemed to be an instant connection – he was so very vibrant then still, with his twinkling eyes and enthusiastic, intelligent questions, trying to find out more about me! I was just so happy to meet him and wanted to hear him recount, from his excellent memory, as many of the wonderful tales as possible of his life in the struggle for human rights and peace! He was a terrific story-teller!

I believe we had an affinity for each other, a comradeship and a bond, because of our common interests and experiences in the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed peoples of the world. We both had travels and comrades in common. I am one of the six original founding members of the Black Panther Party, and was in the Party for eight years. During that time, I served in many roles, including that of National and International Spokesperson for the BPP. My work started in 1966 and George’s, of course, dated back to decades prior to that.

Being a principled man of Peace, George suffered prison confinement rather than be drafted to serve in the war and kill. Indeed, he had made a life-long commitment to the peace movement and the struggle for human rights and freedom.

George journeyed to the deep south of America, where he fought racism through his work in CORE (the Congress  of Racial Equality), and he was involved in organizing and participating in the first Freedom Ride in 1947.

Pursuing his quest in search of racial equality, freedom, and justice for all, George joined the struggle for liberation in colonized African countries. There he worked with international activists in the anti-colonialism movement and the struggle for independence in those countries.

George Houser touched the lives of countless people world-wide because of his self-sacrifice and his unparalleled dedication and commitment to the causes of peace coupled with revolutionary change. 

Because of his increasing age and infirmity (mine as well!), we did not spend a great deal of time together, but that in no way diminished the joy I experienced in George’s presence, listening to him, sharing stories, talking about the friends we had in common, both in America and Africa and discussing the struggles of the past and present.

I will always treasure our few little luncheons, shared also with Jean and my wife Carole, at both our homes. I won’t forget the time when George arranged for me to speak at Friends House and the honor I felt when he introduced me so warmly.

To George’s wife Jean, his family, and many friends, I will say that I know you must miss him deeply. I believe that it comforts you some to know how unique a human being he was and how exceptionally admired and loved he was by so many, many people, and how much he will be missed by all, myself included.

I do have this strong belief that certain people like George (and also myself) are put here for specific purposes  – to do the work in the struggles for human rights and set the example for others to follow.

George Houser has left, as his legacy, some extraordinary examples for us to follow. George’s work is now done and I say, so very well done.

Time to Rest – Rest in Peace, George.

Elbert “Big Man” Howard is a founding member of the Black Panther Party and is an author, lecturer and community activist in Sonoma County.

[Photos by Carole Hyams-Howard. (1) Palestine solidarity rally in Sonoma County, June 2010. (2) Friends House speaking engagement, Santa Rosa CA, February 2011.]

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Sculpture for New Orleans: FLAG Ascends Featuring Kids, Mentors & Masterworks Installation for Katrina Anniversary

Manjarris, Mentors & Masters Collaborate with ‘Outreach Community’ for huge K-10 Arts Project It’s just the beginning. For a year, on the neutral ground between Canal and Iberville along Mid-City’s Jeff Davis Parkway, on 26 poles, 52 banners (all 7 feet long) will reflect the collective memories of the past and the hopes of a […]

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Amnesty International: Do You Want to Know the Secret Behind Enforced Disappearances?

Every year, thousands of men, women and children go missing in dozens of countries around the world. In 2012, Amnesty International documented such cases in 31 countries. It’s a crime, all right, but these are not kidnappings for ransom or … Please continue reading.

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Earthjustice: Big Blue Live Is Reality TV Worth Watching

Big Blue Live Is Reality TV Worth Watching

By Miranda Fox | Thursday, August 27, 2015

A kelp forest, dominated by giant kelp growing off the coast of California.

Ethan Daniels/Shutterstock

Have you ever wanted to swim with humpback whales as they comb the Pacific for schools of silver anchovies? Maybe you would prefer to dive with sea otters as they search for sea urchins in forests of dancing kelp or fly with dolphins as their pods surf through sea and air. Every August, sea animals on migratory journeys, as well as year-round residents, converge in Monterey Bay to feast in its bountiful waters. This year, you can join them—live.

Earthjustice is sponsoring Big Blue Live, a groundbreaking three-night television and online event that brings the wilds of Monterey Bay into the relative calm of your living room. PBS and BBC Earth are working in collaboration to present the ocean’s biggest stars in a reality show that needs no script. Big Blue Live will air August 31st through September 2nd from 8 to 9 p.m., and it will also be streamed online. The show will give you a fish’s-eye view of the lives of whales and other marine life that gathers on the California coast every year.

Here is a preview of what’s to come:

This presentation brings together scientists, filmmakers, photographers, animal behaviorists and other experts who will discuss the environmental revitalization of Monterey Bay. These experts will anchor the show live from a hub at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and from a national marine sanctuary research vessel. You’ll have unprecedented access to one of nature’s best shows through state-of-the-art filming techniques and live reports from air, sea and below the waves.

Earthjustice has spent decades fighting to protect our oceans and to build their resilience. We advocate for marine ecosystems and work to stop ocean-destroying activities such as irresponsible fishing practices, pollution, acidification and habitat destruction. Big Blue Live is a peek into the world that we’re striving to save.

For more previews before the show, check out #BigBlueLive on Twitter.

We have no words. Pup 696 takes a spin around the tub. #FLUFFY #BigBlueLive


— BBC Earth (@BBCEarth) August 27, 2015


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Wayne Pacelle: Horse Soring Exposed: Results Show 100 percent of Samples at Major Stable Test Positive for Illegal Substances

ThorSport’s denial that there is any soring going on at its barns is like a crack dealer denying possession or sale of cocaine when there are 75 pieces of evidence at his home. Photo by The HSUS

Two days ago I announced on A Humane Nation our latest undercover investigation – this one, providing incontrovertible proof that a major stable in Murfreesboro, Tenn., called ThorSport Farm, is knee-deep in the practice of horse “soring” –  the deliberate injuring of horses’ legs and hooves by chemical or mechanical means. We’ve been campaigning aggressively . . . 

The post Horse Soring Exposed: Results Show 100 percent of Samples at Major Stable Test Positive for Illegal Substances appeared first on A Humane Nation.

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ANSWER Coalition: AWC-Japan statement: We condemn Prime Minister Abe’s war anniversary statement

The following statement was issued by AWC-Japan, an anti-war organization on the front lines of the growing struggle against the militaristic Abe government.

Issued August 15, 2015

1. The statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, which Prime Minister Shinzo Abe released on August 14, 2015, is deceptive. It distorts historical fact, instead of squarely facing it. We can never accept it. AWC-Japan vehemently condemns Abe’s statement.

2. In this statement, Prime Minister Abe did not describe the past war that Japanese imperialism had carried out on the Asia-pacific region as “war of aggression” eventually. During a press conference after the release of the statement, PM Abe said, “I’d like to leave up to historians to discuss what constitutes aggression.” These are unforgivable, reckless remarks.

3. Due to his such attitude, it is very vague what kind of acts and to whom he express “remorse” or “apology” in the statement. PM Abe just introduced the “position articulated by the previous cabinets”, and avoided to expressing “remors” or “apology” in his own words. In conclusion, PM Abe has no intention to reflect and apologize about the war of aggression and colonization that Japanese imperialism had carried out in the past.

4. The Abe statement describes the sufferings of Japanese personal during the World War II with many words. However, it almost never refers to the tremendous sacrifices of people in the Asia-Pacific region concretely. The statement does not mention Japan’s colonial rule of Taiwan and the Korean peninsula at all. Moreover, it glorifies the Japan-Russia War, saying it “gave encouragement to many people under colonial rule from Asia to Africa.” But in reality, it was an inter-imperialist war over control of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast China and those areas became main battlefields of the war. The statement extremely distorts the historical facts.

5. Prime Minister Abe only mentions “the United States, Australia, and European nations, which Japan had fiercely fought against as enemies.” However, those who fought against Japanese imperialism during the period of World War II were not just people of those countries. The unyielding people’s resistance in different areas of the Asia Pacific region was the main factor that caused Japanese imperialism to be defeated in war. PM Abe cannot face up to the historical facts.

6. In addition, Prime Minister Abe says, “there were women behind the battlefields whose honor and dignity were severely injured” or ‘the dignity and honor of many women were severely injured during wars.” Who injured their honour and dignity? The direct involvement of the Japanese army with the so-callled “comfort women” system is a clear fact, even though PM Abe is eager to deny it. What the Abe administration should do is to express its official apology as the Japanese government with clear words and implement state compensation to victims of Japanese military sexual slavery system and all other victims of war of aggression and colonization that Japanese imperialism had carried out, instead of obscuring state responsibility with general words.

7. The Abe Statement also says that Japan should “hoist the flag of ‘Proactive Contribution to Peace’ and contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world more than ever before.” As is well known, the Abe administration is pushing through the new security bills with the excuse of the “Proactive Contribution to Peace” just now. The bills enable Japanese Self Defense Forces (Japanese army ) to carry out wars of aggression and military intervention on the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world under the pretext of exercising of the Collective Defense Right. By putting in these words in nearly last sentence of the statement, Prime Minister Abe expresses his intention to not reflect on Japan’s history of aggression, and reveals his ambition for building up Japan as a ‘War State’.

8. Again, we AWC-Japan condemn Prime Minister Abe’s statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. We also vehemently denounce cabinet members and lawmakers’ visit to the Yasukuni Shrine and Abe’s ritual offering to it on August 15, 2015. Through their own behavior, they reveal their real intention and ambition again. We never accept their maneuvers toward building-up of Japan as a ‘War State’. We will fight with all our might for scraping the new security bills or ‘war bills’, and bringing down the Abe administration that tries to distorts history and pave the way for war of aggression. 

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Fellowship of Reconciliation: #ENOUGH

The Afghan Peace Volunteers, based in Kabul, Afghanistan, are partnering with many organizations and individuals around the world to say we have all had ENOUGH

On the 21st of September 2015, the International Day of Peace, the Afghan Peace Volunteers will launch #Enough!, a global campaign to abolish war, in which we’re encouraging all members of the human family to sign ‘The People’s Agreement to Abolish War’.  It’s not a petition, because we feel that we don’t need permission to live without war.

We’re excited that Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire and Prof Noam Chomsky have already endorsed #Enough!

‘The People’s Agreement to Abolish War’ and a Flyer for #Enough! are available at http://ourjourneytosmile.com/blog/enough/.  If you’re willing to be a contact person, please let me ( borderfree@mail2world.com ) and Douglas (dougwmackey@yahoo.com) know.

With warm wishes and gratitude from Kabul,

Hakim with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

(Photo credit Afghan Peace Volunteers)

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ANSWER Coalition: Lifesaving treatment for Mumia Abu-Jamal denied

The following update was originally circulated by Prison Radio.

We are in court demanding immediate lifesaving medical treatment for Mumia Abu-Jamal, and we are going to win.

Yesterday, Mumia’s lawyers Bret Grote, Legal Director of the Abolitionist Law Center, and co-counsel Robert Boyle filed a preliminary injunction inAbu-Jamal v. Kerestes with Judge Robert Mariani of the Middle District Federal U.S. Court (see link below).

The injunction seeks a federal court order to ensure that prison medical staff provide immediate lifesaving treatment to Mumia.

The prison administration is simply denying Mumia all treatment.Let me be clear: Mumia is weak, his lower extremities still swollen, his skin still severely compromised and raw, and his hepatitis C active and damaging his organs.

Given the severity of Mumia’s organ failure (his skin) and indications of additional potential organ damage, our legal action states that withholding treatment is causing immediate and irreparable harm.

Prison officials have refused to conduct additional viral load blood panels, reveal or conduct additional organ damage assessments, and they are refusing to prescribe simple medications to reduce Mumia’s painful and dangerous skin eruptions. 

And in an effort to further delay treatment, attorneys for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections have filed briefs opposing the class action lawsuit for hepatitis C treatment filed in June. We expect they will oppose our injunction filed yesterday as well.

Treatment for Hepatitis C has a 95 percent cure rate.

By withholding medication, the DOC would like to see this become a death sentence.

In addition to the hepatitis C antiviral cure, we are demanding that prison medical personnel re-proscribe Protopic ointment and the mineral supplement  Zinc (220 mlligrams per day) as recommended by his physicians to provide immediate relief to Mumia’s skin rashes- which have become open wounds.

As Mumia’s legal team fights tirelessly for Mumia’s life, we more than ever need your assistance. We need to raise $5,317 in the next 5 days to make it half-way to our goal for this stage of Mumia’s legal and political campaign.

We are amplifying the call for:

1. Immediate treatment of Hep C with the latest Anti-viral drugs that have a 95% cure rate.

2. Treatment of Mumia’s skin condition by re-proscribing protopic cream and zinc supplements.

3. In-person medical exams by Mumia’s independent physicians.

Help us make these demands reality by giving to Mumia’s medical and legal fund now, and by calling the numbers listed in our Action Guide.

Every action and every gift makes a difference.

See the preliminary injunction filed yesterday here.


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ANSWER Coalition: Charleston: Days of Grace mass march and strategy conference Sept. 5-6

The following call to action is reposted from the official website of the Days of Grace.

Mass march and rally
September 5
9:00 a.m.
Wragg Square

Strategy Conference
September 5 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.
September 6 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
ILA Local 1422 Hall (1142 Morrison Dr.)

En español

In recent weeks, the Mother Emanuel AME Church community and the family of Walter Scott have shown the world the radical possibilities of resilience, love, and forgiveness. However, as the President reminded us at Senator Pinckney’s funeral, real healing will take hard work.

Guns inflicted the fatal wounds of April and June, but racism, poverty and the politics of rancor and discord have long inflicted grave wounds on the state’s poor and most vulnerable people. This Labor Day weekend, people of faith and conscience will come together in Charleston to remember our fallen friends and to reflect on the racism and hatred that lay at the root of their deaths, as well as the violence that tears away at the fabric of our communities.

Specifically, the gathering will call for an end to racist violence and the transformation of our commemorative landscape—our monuments, markers, and historic sites—to fully reflect South Carolina’s traditions of diversity and democracy. We will also come together to honor Clementa Pinckney and to affirm the moral principles that he stood for as pastor and public servant. These include:

  • An end to discriminatory policing
  • Expanded voting rights
  • A living wage and collective bargaining rights for all working people
  • Affordable healthcare and Medicaid expansion
  • Quality education as a basic human right
  • An end to gun violence

Out of this mass gathering and a one-day strategy conference, we will build on the efforts of many grassroots organizations who have worked tirelessly and often thanklessly over the years to bring about a better South Carolina.

If you believe that an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, and if you understand that what happened at Emanuel AME has implications far beyond Charleston, and if you believe that we can build a movement together to save South Carolina’s soul and the soul of the nation, then join us as we proclaim “Forward Together, Not One Step Back!”

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