11 Days to #VTheChange series: Day 7 #VTheChange and save 660 Gallons of Water it would have taken to make that hamburger patty


Did you know? It takes 660 gallons of water to make one hamburger patty, according to a report by National Geographic on our water footprint and the foods and drinks we consume.

Here’s some greater context:

  • A 1/3-pound burger requires 660 gallons of water. Most of this water is for producing beef
  • 1 pound of beef requires 1,799 gallons of water, which includes irrigation of the grains and grasses in feed, plus water for drinking and processing.
  • 1 gallon of milk requires 880 gallons of water, or 54.9 gallons of water for 1 cup. That includes water for raising and grazing cattle, and bottling and processing.
  • 1 slice of bread requires 11 gallons of water. Most of this water is for producing wheat.
  • 1 apple requires 18 gallons of water. It takes 59.4 gallons of water to produce 1 cup of apple juice.

Here’s a great resource! The Virtual Water Project has put together an exceptional print and social media campaign to educate the public about our water usage.

CLICK HERE to learn more about their publications and mobile app which is available in the iTunes store.

Choosing to go vegan is much more than just a diet, it is a vital part of following the path of nonviolence as a way of life. When we consider our everyday thoughts, actions, and choices through the lens of nonviolence, it impacts our lives, our community, and our world in a much more far-reaching way…

Water is one of the defining economic, environmental, and public health issues of this generation. Our water footprint goes far beyond using less water when washing the dishes or turning the water off while we brush our teeth. As we begin to explore nonviolence as a way of life, we begin to realize and make different choices based on the awareness that the production of the foods and drinks we consume leave an impact on our ecosystem.

We’re 7 days in on this #VTheChange journey together! The first several days, we started off looking at all of the incredible personal health benefits of going vegan, and now these next few days we will explore the broader social and environmental issues that are impacted when we choose the vegan way of life. Together we are the change!

Love +Light,

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