11 Days to #VTheChange series: Day 3 Scientists find our blood is 8x more protective against cancer when we #VTheChange


Can you believe it? And here’s some encouragement to go beyond our 11 Days to #VTheChange pledge and make the choice to go vegan for life:

According to a report by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “Subsequent studies against breast cancer showed the power of eating plants for just two weeks. A dramatic strengthening of cancer defenses was shown after 14 days of a plant-based diet and light exercise (walking between 30 to 60 minutes a day).

Samples of blood were taken from women with breast cancer, and then the women were asked to spend 14 days on a plant-based diet and perform 30-60 minutes of light exercise daily. After 14 days their blood was taken again and found to significantly slow down the growth of cancer, as well as increase the blood’s ability to kill cancer cells.” CLICK HERE to read the full report.

We’re three days in on this #VTheChange journey together and we want to hear from you! Send us a recipe you’ve tried in the last few days that you think others would enjoy too, send to editors@bemagazine.org.

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