11 Days to #VTheChange series: Day 8 #VTheChange to End World Hunger


Did you know? On a planet with a population of over 7 billion human beings, more than 1 billon go hungry. While people around the world starve and suffer from the ill effects of malnutrition, incredible amounts of land, water, grain, and other resources are used to grow animals for the slaughter industry in wealthy, western countries.

Scientists at the Institute on the Environment and the University of Minnesota studied the use of agricultural resources and the impact on world hunger, and they reached the conclusion that if food crops that were used to grow animals for the meat and dairy industries were instead used to feed the world’s population, around 70% more food would be added to the world’s food supply. This additional food would be more than enough to feed over 4 billion people (1 billion are going hungry now).

We’re 8 days in on this #VTheChange journey together! How are you feeling? What are you thinking so far? What conversations are you having with friends and family about your pledge to join 11 Days to #VTheChange and the personal and global health issues we are exploring? We want to hear from you! Email us at editors@bemagazine.org.

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