11 Days to #VTheChange series: Day 9 How #VTheChange could lessen our culture of violence & mass incarceration


How does the vegan way of life possibly impact our culture of violence and mass incarceration in America? Is there a correlation between violence in America and the increased consumption of meat and dairy products in the American diet?

Elevated chemical levels in violent criminals…
According to at least seven studies, violent criminals have “elevated levels of steroids, pesticides, antibiotics and other toxic chemicals in their bodies, compared with prisoners who are not violent.” CLICK HERE to read more about the mental benefits of vegan/vegetarian diet in relation to the violent culture in America.

Could the vegan diet rehabilitate violent criminals?
The Seventh-day Adventist operated NEWSTART is a transformational program at The Victor Valley Medium Correctional Facility in Adelanto, California which is modeling the possibilities of the vegan diet as a vital part of rehabilitation of inmates.

Upon arriving at Victor Valley, inmates go through an orientation where they are introduced to two options: 1) traditional prison culture with meat-based diet or 2) NEWSTART rehabilitative prison program with vegan-based diet, regular study of scripture, counseling, and job training.

The amazing results? The inmates in the NEWSTART program are “less violent and aggressive, they get along better with other inmates, and recidivism rates are at an incredible low among the NEWSTART inmates where only 30-40 returned to prison at some point, as opposed to the 70-80% returnees among the other inmates not in the NEWSTART program.”

What might happen if we stopped talking about gun control and violent video games and changed what we put on our plates?

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