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“Hymn for Standing Rock”

Hymn for Standing Rock (Part II) Music Video and Update from November!
In solidarity I stand
With Standing Rock and her rightful lands
Where the eagle cries, and the prayers of mothers
Ask us to rise, dear Sisters and Brothers

We can tame the greed of Man
With the strength of peace, walking hand in hand
To the end of the line, where the black snake poison
Threatens the heart of all that is Human

We are called to stand as one
For the health of future generations
Oh, Water is Life, and we caretakers
Of Mother Earth and all that is sacred

In solidarity we stand
With Standing Rock, her Dakota lands
Where the buffalo roam, and prayers of grandmothers
Ask us to rise, dear Sisters and Brothers
Don’t turn your eyes, dear Sisters and Brothers
Rise, dear Sisters and Brothers

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In lieu of Trump’s memorandum this week, an executive action to green-light the continuation of the Dakota Access Pipeline, I felt called to update my blog from November, “Hymn for Standing Rock,” and continue the conversation this month with the release of a new music video for the song.

When the decision to halt the construction of the DAPL was made on Dec. 4th, until a thorough Environmental Impact Statement could be completed and re-routing options explored, many in the US breathed a big sigh of relief and felt a deep sense of triumph after months of determined peaceful protest amidst harsh conditions and greedy opposition. The added time to focus in on gathering new data, and strengthening efforts on legal fronts, felt like a true win for the North Dakota Sioux People and Standing Rock Water Protectors…and it was a HUGE accomplishment.

As the feeling of victory set in, supporters who had gathered for months at the Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin camp were asked to return home, and those who had been spreading awareness from afar, began to turn their attention to the holidays, New Year and the political shift taking place in the country. The Standing Rock media buzz seemed to quiet down to a soft hum.

However, despite the halt orders from the Department of Army, DAPL continued making plans to move forward with the pipeline, likely with the knowledge that there would be a new rush of support when Donald Trump took office. Now, in just his first week in office, Trump has shown total disregard for the December 4th agreement, aiming to bulldoze past the Environmental Impact Statement and assessment, which is already underway, as well as the public comment period, which is open until February 20th.

Chairman Archambault, of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, shared in a January 26th letter to Trump: “This change in course is arbitrary and without justification; the law requires that changes in agency positions be backed by new circumstances or new evidence, not simply by the President’s whim. It makes it even more difficult when one considers the close personal ties you and your associates have had with Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco.”

With this sudden change of tides, we are called, once again, to light the fires in our hearts and support our Standing Rock Sisters and Brothers, as well as the 17 million people who’s water supply and health could be affected instantaneously by a future DAPL oil spill. And as this issue has now became a much larger metaphor of sorts, by taking a stand around this challenging conflict, we are actively advocating for our own basic Human Rights…every Being’s right to health, clean water and food, as well as our ability to care for our one home, Mother Earth.

I believe this issue, as we witness the modern day continuation of an age old mistreatment of our Native American Brothers and Sisters, has shaken the hearts of many Americans. This sadness flows beyond any political lines and boundaries…it stirs in the hearts of Humans who care about other Humans. However, I see that so many are left confused over what they can do to help offer support from their own homes, and wonder if it is even our place as “outsiders” to get involved.

To me, this question of “what to do?” is actually triggering a wonderful new possibility for growth within us, and in our communities…the possibility of teamwork, unity and collaborative creative action. We each have something to offer here, to bring about great healing and a much needed shift in political priorities…but it is the collective inter-weaving of offerings that will bring about much larger waves of change. If we allow ourselves to become islands of isolation, little progress can be made in the 3D world. When we begin to think and act as the tribal beings we innately are, inspiring and sparking each other to our highest levels of contribution, our greatest ideas can become a reality.

This music video for “Hymn for Standing Rock” is the perfect example of a personal offering that has been amplified into a powerful and creative vehicle for change by a team inter-weaving with other personal offerings. Let me explain. In October, I asked myself the question, “What can I do to best support Standing Rock with my own unique skill sets?” The answer that came to me was to write a song that was easily singable by others, and record it so that it could be shared in my monthly blog. Great!

Rather than thinking like “an island,” I decided to approach the song creation process with a collaborative spirit. Documentary film-maker, Shannon Kring, had recently moved me to tears with her 10 minute trailer for her new film “End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock,” and I asked her if I could base my next song and blog around her powerful work. Shannon was extremely positive about my idea and openly shared many of her writings, footage and thoughts with me to help trigger the perfect song. When “Hymn for Standing Rock” was birthed into being, I decided to donate all November download donations to help Shannon complete her film, and was able to raise $724 in song download donations (Infinite Gratitude to all of you who donated…Shannon was deeply appreciative of your wonderful support as well).

One of the most generous song donations we received came from a dear friend Panos Anastasakis and his company Link Media, which focuses on the union of science, spirituality and media. In the days following the release of the song, Link Media was sparked with the idea to produce a music video for Hymn for Standing Rock…feeling that a video, combined with the music, could be an even greater creative tool to share. After an exciting phone discussion with Panos, we contacted Shannon, who mirrored a love for our vision and sent over a Dropbox full of gorgeous footage from “End of the Line” for our use. Link Media went to work, and we now have the beautifully touching video above, which has already begun sharing Standing Rock awareness, in an emotionally stirring format, over the past day, with almost 50,000 views and counting.

My point in recounting all of this is to remind us that we ALL have something to offer to the causes that matter to us. Each of us has precious skills and visions which can easily be channeled into form, with a little dedication and time. Some people are fearless when it comes to making phone calls and talking to representatives…take that action. Some are skilled at raising money and offering financial support…take that action. Others are creative types; artists, dancers, poets, musicians…send your support into a new awareness piece or show…take the action. Others feel drawn to go to epicenter of an issue and serve directly, in person…follow the call. Any of these movements can be amplified through collaboration and combining efforts with like minded individuals.

Imagination is infinite…our visions are infinite…trust yourself to bring your vision into being. May your actions on a daily basis, become instilled with your own unique purpose. When we choose to mobilize, and shine a light around the issues that matter to us in this world, energy begins to move.

If your heart feels called by our Sisters and Brothers of Standing Rock…I invite you to take an action today…even 5 minutes of dedicated time contributes to the holographic collective movement that is building in strength. When we take time to be care takers and protectors of Mother Earth and all of her beings, we are actively nurturing and cultivating the vitality and health of our own lives, and those of future generations.

In Gratitude and Harmony…Kristin


1) Share this video and leave a comment

2) Take the 3 powerful action steps on the homepage of

3) Visit Shannon Kring’s website for “End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock.” Watch the trailer, read, support, and get up to date:

4) I wrote to my friend Victory Lonnquist, who has been actively living and supporting at Standing Rock for months, to ask what are the 5 most important steps that can be taken now to best assist. Here was her reply:

1. Keep talking, praying, and posting about Standing Rock

2. Donate to Inherent Rights Agency who is helping with legal for water protectors :

3. Comment on the public forum for EIS open right now:

4. Research and educate on other pipelines and indigenous fights in the US

5. Organize teams to return to Standing Rock and aid in the urgent cleanup and removal of all items from Oceti Sakowin/Oceti Oyate before the January 30th deadline.

CLICK HERE to learn more.