Video: 6 TED Talks on “Nonviolence” that You Need to Watch…


Missy Crutchfield & Melissa Turner
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Some of the most inspiring stories of nonviolent movements today have emerged from the intersection of social change and technology…

From TED Talks “Nonviolence” Channel, here are the stories of six Changemakers who are activating the technology of nonviolence in conflicts around the world…

Julia Bacha: How Women Wage Conflict Without Violence

TED Talks: “Are you setting out to change the world? Here’s a stat you should know: nonviolent campaigns are 100 percent more likely to succeed than violent ones. So why don’t more groups use nonviolence when faced with conflict? Filmmaker Julia Bacha shares stories of effective nonviolent resistance, including eye-opening research on the crucial leadership role that women play.”

Jamila Raqib: The secret to effective nonviolent resistance

TED Talks: “We’re not going to end violence by telling people that it’s morally wrong, says Jamila Raqib, executive director of the Albert Einstein Institution. Instead, we must find alternative ways to conduct conflict that are equally powerful and effective. Raqib promotes nonviolent resistance to people living under tyranny — and there’s a lot more to it than street protests. She shares encouraging examples of creative strategies that have led to change around the world and a message of hope for a future without armed conflict. “The greatest hope for humanity lies not in condemning violence but in making violence obsolete,” Raqib says.”

Will Potter: The shocking move to criminalize nonviolent protest

TED Talks “In 2002, investigative journalist and TED Fellow Will Potter took a break from his regular beat, writing about shootings and murders for the Chicago Tribune. He went to help a local group campaigning against animal testing: “I thought it would be a safe way to do something positive,” he says. Instead, he was arrested, and so began his ongoing journey into a world in which peaceful protest is branded as terrorism.”

Srdja Popovic: How to topple a dictator

TED Talks: “People-powered resistance: can it work? Srdja Popovic led the nonviolent movement that took down Milosevic in Serbia in 2000; he lays out the plans, skills and tools that a people-powered movement needs — from nonviolent tactics to a sense of humor.”

Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence

TED Talks: “In 2003, the Palestinian village of Budrus mounted a 10-month-long nonviolent protest to stop a barrier being built across their olive groves. Did you hear about it? Didn’t think so. Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha asks why we only pay attention to violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict — and not to the nonviolent leaders who may one day bring peace.”

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