A Viable Plan


Jon Coffelt
Be Blogger
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We must all take a stand when we are deciding what our direction in life is going to take. Sometimes we get sidetracked and sometimes we just hit the high places. We seem to meander more than we think. There comes a time when we know that the tread has to hit the pavement and for our own good, like it or not, change must happen for us to get to the next level. This change may be about letting go of something that once brought us happiness and has lost its luster and sometimes we hold on to old ideas and out of date information that no longer serves a purpose. It’s hard to let go of something we feel loyal about but if we find it is weighing us down or it no longer works for us then it is time to let it go. Making way for new things in our lives is what letting go allows us to do.
When the dust hits the road where do we stand?


Jon Coffelt, artist, activist, and curator, known internationally for his work.

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