Adbusters: “Israel on the Couch: The Abused Has Become the Abuser”




To live in the shadow of the Holocaust, where 6 million of your people were systematically murdered, is without a doubt, the deepest and most traumatic psychic wound that any people have ever had to endure. To really understand Israel and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict today, you have to understand the depth of that trauma and its long-term psychic consequences. Abuse, like violence, is cyclical. If one does not break the cycle, the victim can just as easily grow to become a perpetrator. Such is the tragedy of Israel today.

adbusters_110_coverThe abused has become the abuser. Today, Israel holds more than three million Palestinians in its iron fist, in open air prisons — West Bank and Gaza — squeezing them with a rage for somebody else’s crime. To escape the cycle, Israel must come to terms with its own mental trauma, and instead of reenacting their own suffering and vengeance, see Palestinians as their co-sufferers in the ongoing tragedy.

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