Artist For Peace Kristin Hoffmann: BE ~ Cause: Music With A Message “The Golden Rule”


A Monthly Awareness Song and Blog by Kristin Hoffmann


I used to think there was a limit
Only a fighting chance
Everyday, a new competition
The silent wars of friends
You opened my sight, I saw my reflection
In all eyes of man
Now I hold oneness within me
Now I understand…


When I rise, you rise
You’re my mirror
When I cry, you cry
You feel my pain
When you fly, I fly
I’m your mirror
“What I want for myself
I want for everybody”

Now when I see the beauty around me
I can truly love
Knowing that life is growing inside me
And you are my freedom dove

Repeat Chorus: 

Competition, you can play the game
But it’s an illusion of power and fame
On the road to becoming great
We all move to a higher state

Repeat Chorus:

Kristin-Hoffmann featuredI’m sure you have heard it before, most likely countless times in your life thus far… “The Golden Rule” has been an important teaching of almost all religions throughout human history (check out I believe it is one of the main “keys” to understanding and navigating life on this Earthly plane. In short, The Golden Rule says, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” The opposite concept is also addressed… “when others suffer, you suffer.”

Unfortunately, we live in a time and space where this value is vastly overlooked…where competition and separation are encouraged everywhere we turn. We are taught to live in a state of fear, even amidst our own creation and growth, believing that if we produce something new and great, it will be taken from us unless we keep it all to ourselves. Society leads us to think that success is limited…if someone else achieves greatness, there is less left in the pot for us.

I used to believe this too. I remember many times when I got upset by watching other musicians succeed, feeling an array of emotions: that they were less talented, they hadn’t worked very hard and “had it easy,” or that they made it because of looks or willingness to “sell out.” I had many excuses to make myself feel better about not being the one in the spotlight. Underneath it all, however, I was scared and asking myself, “what am I doing wrong?” Well…now I know the only thing I was doing wrong was spending all of my time comparing myself to others, rather than focusing on being in alignment with my own path.

Finally, somewhere along the way, I tuned into an understanding of some deeper life values I had been missing and freed up a ton of new space and creative energy to develop myself in the process. I formed a little reminder mantra to help my mind stay in a space of growth and openness…“There is no ahead or behind when you’re walking your own line.” So true, so true! It is not until you glance over to your neighbor’s life-line, that you start to mentally “place” yourself in where you think you “should” be, rather than simply accepting, and learning from, your own current place of experience.

You might be asking, “how does this all fit together with The Golden Rule!?” Well…the true beauty of it all is that when you finally begin to value your own unique path and feel your own joy, it suddenly becomes much easier, and more natural, to feel happiness for the growth of those around you, knowing that they too are working with their own set of life circumstances. When you can truly experience joy for another’s success, it is a sign that you are growing and maturing on your own path. Rather than getting happy when someone else has a challenge, seeing it as an opportunity to scramble ahead, you can now send them love, as you are no longer functioning from a state of lack and competition.

We could stop there…but I like to take this concept a step further, hence “the mirror” aspect of “The Golden Rule” song. I personally embrace the idea that EVERYONE and every situation is a mirror of me, all existing in my consciousness, or that I am a hologram of “the whole.” These days I look to those around me to “see how I am doing” and gather important information about my personal growth. What is the energy surrounding me? Is it positive, negative? How does it reflect the way I am treating myself on the inside? You will be very surprised by what you see and learn when you choose to approach life in this way…it becomes a whole new game of “sharing” rather than “comparing!” The next time you are talking to someone, consciously put “The Golden Rule” into effect and see how you feel! It very well may change your life!