Artist For Peace Kristin Hoffmann: BE ~ Cause: Music With A Message “Place of Peace”


A Monthly Awareness Song and Blog by Kristin Hoffmann

“Place of Peace”

Into Winter’s stage
I make my way, with glowing eyes
Under the stars, a bed of dreams
They guide me to an endless place of peace

Music in my heart
A wondrous song is calling me
And on the wind, their voices sweet
To lead me home, a perfect place of peace

Start again
New beginnings, new beginnings
Winter’s friend
Bells are ringing, bells are ringing
Start again
New beginnings, new beginnings
Place of Peace
Always in you, always in you

Light the torches bright
A lover’s lamp burns through the night
A dancing flame, o’er glistening snow
Reminds me of that place of peace I know
Oh, that place of peace I know
Oh, that place of peace I know


It is the last day of another year. A time of endings…and of beginnings. It is a time to let go…and a time to plant new seeds. Despite the many challenges of the past 365 days, there feels to be a great possibility present…an opportunity for forgiveness and healing…a deeper awareness…and ultimately, a place of peace.

You may find yourself saying “Peace?! How is it possible amidst so much worldly chaos and suffering? It feels wrong to be at peace when there is so much dissonance in our country and on our planet.”

I think these feelings and questions are natural…and they are part of the very important journey to remember our own relationship with peace.

Peace, in the deepest sense of the word, however, is not conditional. Peace is not merely for sunny, blue sky days, when all appears to be at ease in the outer world.

In my own life, I have actually come to a deeper, ever-present, place of peace after walking through the doorways of some of my most tumultuous experiences, with awareness. I remember the vast sense of quiet peace that was present after my beautiful mother passed away quite suddenly 5 years ago…or the feeling of stillness and surrender that filled my being after finally letting go of a cherished 9 year relationship that was no longer serving my highest growth.

When we are fully present to what IS, even in the midst of discomfort and challenge, peace is right there waiting for us. It is a vibration that we actively cultivate within, through our loving awareness.

As we all step into the infinite possibility of 2017, may we do so from a space of presence, honesty, growth and love. May we make choices based in awareness…and in doing so, be in alignment with our inner true north, our Place of Peace.

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  1. Happy New Year Kristin,
    Your music allows the love and light in our hearts shine brighter.
    Peace & Love,Mike and Anne- Marie from The Buttonwood Tree

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