Artist For Peace Kristin Hoffmann: BE ~ Cause: Music With A Message “Sacred”


A Monthly Awareness Song and Blog by Kristin Hoffmann


Follow me…to the bridge over our differences
You just haven’t seen it yet, but it’s beautiful
It’s the future of our planet, and we’re looking back
At the moment when we chose to rise…rise…

Everything is Sacred
When there’s dignity, and wholeness in the life of…
Everyone and Everything
Can you see the Sacred?
‘Cause Our vision is the key
To a Sacred America, and a Sacred World

We are being called…by a full spectrum love so deep it breaks the walls
With the beat of change, we are opening
Into an upgrade of collective honoring
As the visionaries rise…rise…

Everything is Sacred
When there’s dignity, and wholeness in the life of…
Everyone and Everything
Can you hear the Sacred
As We sing in harmony?…
For a Sacred America, and a Sacred World

Satyagraha…We See a Sacred World
Satyagraha…We Hear a Sacred World
Satyagraha…We Feel a Sacred World
Satyagraha…We Are a sacred World

Everything is Sacred
When there’s dignity, and wholeness in the life of…
Everyone and Everything
Can you touch the Sacred in You
And feel the Sacred in Me?
We All form a Sacred America, and a Sacred World
A Sacred America, and a Sacred World
We All form a Sacred America, and a Sacred World

S a c r e d. What a powerful word…To me, evoking the deepest sense of truth, value, respect and love. Of all words in the English language, I believe this to be one of the very few that is not thrown around in casual day to day life, belittling its meaning. When I do hear the word “sacred” in conversation, it is almost always chosen with intention and reverence…as if we, as humans, innately and universally understand its high frequency encoding.

I must admit, when I first read the title of Shift Network CEO, Stephen Dinan’s new book, “Sacred America, Sacred World,” I was confronted. I quickly realized that my mind could totally accept the term Sacred World, but I felt an uncomfortable knot form in my heart center when looking at the word “Sacred” next to the word “America.”

Amidst the usual daily barrage of bad news, violence, separation, political polarity and drama in our country these days, it feels increasingly difficult to conjure up a loving sense of patriotism for our nation. And on a worldly scope, I sense that I have been carrying an underlying feeling of American guilt, as I witness our country, in many instances, embodying the archetype of the super power bully on a worldly playground.

I think Stephen Dinan would say that he understands and empathizes with all I just shared. And I believe he strategically named his book to help coax personal dissonances to the surface so that we can begin to bring about positive change and a new, shared, sacred perspective to America.

Stephen says that growing pains are natural for both individuals and nations alike, and that “before each new evolution we often pass through a period of increased resistance to change.” He cleverly equates important stages of American growth to the operating system of a computer…and we are currently in the shift from America 6.0 to America 7.0, moving from an older mindset of “revolution” to an expanded, shared vision of “evolution.” And from this new and evolved space of living, we are ALL supported as “one Human Family.”

Stephen shares…”I see America’s growth through the lens of the evolution of new levels of consciousness that expand our respect for the freedoms and rights of others, and which are then institutionalized in the form of law.”

Much in the way Mahatma Gandhi’s Indian Liberation Movement was built on disciplined spiritual practices, known as “Satyagraha” (literally translated to Truth Force), Stephen shares, “our Soul’s Code as a country is built on timeless ideals and a spirit of service that can eventually lead us to fulfill its promise.”

You may be thinking that all of this sounds wonderful…but perhaps idealistic???

Thankfully Stephen is not just an American Dreamer, but a realistic Visionary and functional innovative leader of the modern day. In his book he thinks through, and lays out, a detailed blueprint for how America 7.0 looks and what it feels like in action. Specifics aside however, I would venture to say that ALL of the architecture of America 7.0 will be supported by one critical and important concept that we can ALL begin to embrace now in our minds, hearts and lives…FULL-SPECTRUM thought and action.

Stephen sees the key block to our critical evolution as “polarity based living and thinking.” We have become so divided by our belief systems and individual, polarity based identities (think race, political affiliation, sex, age, economic demographic), we have forgotten what it feels like to think as a nation, and world. He says, “A true upgrade [to 7.0] transcends and includes both polarities while letting go of what no longer serves.”

In order to lift higher into our Full-Spectrum Selves, we must begin to respect each other AND our differences. When we start to see life from this perspective, we will likely learn that there are many core insights and values to be appreciated, even from those with opposing views and lifestyles to our own. To move into “Full-Spectrum” it will take a lot of Love and Acceptance. As Stephen wisely shares…“Growth rarely happens through self hatred.”

If we can begin to bridge, and even love, our differences, we will actively be creating the new Sacred America, rippling outwards to a Sacred World. We can respect our past, and honor the core values and pioneering spirit that founded and grew our great nation, while simultaneously opening up, and holding, a sacred vision for our country’s future. In this new fertile soil of possibility, we plant seeds of true collective manifestation.

A Sacred America “recognizes the dignity, divinity, and wholeness in literally everyone and everything…and in a truly Sacred World, no one is ultimately our enemy.”

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