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Song for the Ocean (Symphonic Version Premiere)    

Written by Kristin Hoffmann
Arranged by Gabriel Currington
Performed by Kristin Hoffmann with supporting vocals by The Ganda Boys

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Children of the Earth, I’m calling out!
There’s a mission for you and for me
You see, our Mother, she has been suffering
And the truth is told beneath the sea
So raise your voices, sing like ocean waves
Crashing to the shore
Oh, oh, oh, oh…


This is our song for the Ocean
Mother Earth, we are calling your name
We know youre taken for granted
But we stand her committed to change
The voices of children are singing
Towards tomorrows horizon, they gaze
Oh, this is our song for the Ocean
Give us strength 

Each and every voice will be counted
As each and every soul has a place
Sharing on this beautiful planet
We need awareness, every decision we make
So raise your voices, sing like thunder
Strength in harmony
Oh, oh, oh, oh…

Repeat Chorus: 

Verse 3 (Orchestral Version Only)

Children, do you hear her crying out
From the depths of the deep blue sea?
You see, her creatures, they are suffering
And now she asks us all to sing
So raise your voices
Awake the planet
The future is you and me! 

Oh, oh, oh, oh…

Repeat Chorus:

Kristin-Hoffmann featuredA couple of nights ago at dinner, a magical blue marble was placed in my hand by my dear environmentalist friend David Randle, and I was told that I was being indoctrinated into the Blue Marble Hall of Fame! “Wow,” I proclaimed as I held the blue marble up to the light…”What did I do to deserve this unique honor?” He explained that blue marbles are given in gratitude to those who are actively helping to heal and raise awareness for the Ocean, and that I had earned my marble! In that moment of gratitude and joy, I was suddenly taken over by a powerful wave of reflection…feeling the beauty of an unexpected seed, planted over 8 years ago, that has now come into a full flowering…

As you know… Life is full of surprises, and if we are open to receiving her gifts, if we truly learn to listen, life will lead us on unimaginable journeys of growth, putting our skills to work in the most creative of ways! One of my personal “life stories” of this nature began back in 2008 when I was called by my friend Dennis D’Amico to perform at a big Ocean event in St. Petersburg Florida called “Speak St. Pete,” a launch-pad for the official World Oceans Day. Dennis knew I did a lot of music for peace and healing and thought that my vibe would be a good fit for an emotional closing concert to wrap up an intensive weekend of full day Ocean talks. The event was being organized by David Randle (of the blue marble:-), who I did not yet know at the time, and attended by many top scientists, ocean researchers, and conservationists including Phillipe Cousteau, Dr. Noel Brown, Dr. Frank Muller-Karger and Bill Mott, to name a few, and focused on urgent actions needed to protect and restore the seas.

Late one night a couple of weeks before the concert, I felt a stirring within…Life’s call for me to write a song, a special song about the Ocean, to premiere at the upcoming event. Thank goodness I listened! Hunkered down in my little Brooklyn studio, a new melody, words and recording flowed forth so naturally, like the gushing Ocean itself…and I quickly realized this piece was meant to BE. I called it “Song for the Ocean.” Two weeks later 1,000 people stood up before me and we all sang “Song for the Ocean” together, recommitting ourselves, with our voices, to a greater awareness of our planet and Ocean. I looked out at the sea of people…tears were falling, hands were holding, hearts were opening…and I remembered how very powerful music is, as a vehicle to share deep emotional experience, touching even the hardest to reach places within the Human Spirit.

At that moment, I made a commitment to share the song as far and as wide as possible…a musical connection point that people could make their own and bring into any hall or classroom where the Ocean, water, or Earth was being discussed, celebrated or studied.

Fast forward 8 years later…”Song for the Ocean” has now been sung in countless classrooms and communities around the globe, from the U.S. to Taiwan, Mexico, British Columbia, Wales, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Brunei, to name a few! It has made its way from TEDx to Bioneers, from The Hermanus Whale Festival to the stage of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London…to NASA this week…and in August, the new symphonic version of “Song for the Ocean,” so beautifully and lovingly orchestrated by composer Gabriel Currington of the UK (and made possible by incredible author Patricia Cori), will be sung by over 700 children at The Sydney Opera House in Australia! There is a widely viewed official music video, for the pop version of the song, online, directed by the amazing Colin Garland, and offshoot arrangement versions from choral (arranged by Claire Victor) to braille (Transcribed by Jane Hurwitz)! The list goes on and the journey continues…I have enjoyed the incredible growth and learning around every bend and am filled with infinite gratitude for friends, new and old, along the way.

MY POINT OF ALL OF THIS is to remind you that the small steps we take in our lives, while listening to our hearts and creative call with a loving awareness, lead to the most incredible developments beyond our wildest imagination. When we plant seeds of care and compassion for our Mother Earth and fellow Earthlings, they grow into forests of majestic tall trees down the road. It is impossible for us to see all of the marvelous twists and turns that our lives can take from where we are standing now. Because of this, we often limit ourselves, investing our time and energy into lower frequency activities, where we can already determine the outcome. We become slaves to jobs we dislike, repetitive routines…we forget that we truly can make a difference in the world. It is so easy to get into a rut, feeling that overwhelming topics like war, global warming, factory farming, mistreatment of people and animals (from land to sea) etc. are beyond our ability to control. True, we cannot tackle the whole issues on our own, but we can be a catalyst for real action and positive healing change in this world…just by listening to our own unique call and then following the trail of bread crumbs from that point on. Your path will always reveal itself to you as you go along…trust is key!

As I write this, midnight has passed and it is now actually World Oceans Day, June 8th, 2016…a new day of reflection and awareness. “Children of the Earth I’m Calling Out! There’s a mission for You and for Me. You see, our Mother, she has been suffering…and the truth is told beneath the Sea. So raise your voices, sing like Ocean waves, crashing to the shore…”

I am so honored to share with you the premiere of the recorded Symphonic Version of “Song for the Ocean!” My deepest gratitude to Gabriel for the beautiful arrangement, and to The Ganda Boys (My Dear Soul Brothers Danny and Dennis), for adding the support of their deeply soulful voices to the track!

Sing with me dear friends…sing for the healing of our Ocean, which gives us life, connection, beauty and air to breathe. Sing for Ocean life and beings suffering amidst our waste, sonar, overfishing, mindlessness and greed around many Ocean related issues. Sing for the strength to begin now…to do the little things and make the simple choices in our daily lives to support our Ocean. Sing for our children, the next generations to come…that they may hear our voices and know that we aim to leave them a healthy planet on which to flourish and grow. Sing…that you might hear a stirring deep within…your own unique voice calling you to plant new creative seeds today…that will be the fruitful, and sustainable, manifestation of our tomorrows.

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