Artist For Peace Kristin Hoffmann: BE ~ Cause: Music With A Message “Univer-Soul”


A Monthly Awareness Song and Blog by Kristin Hoffmann


There is a song that we all know
As we all play parts in this Univer-Soul
Note by note, and bit by bit
Our symphony of consciousness
Have we forgotten harmony is holographic and complete?
Fear by fear, we’ve been making choices
Hearing the dissonance of our voices

Believe and you will see
Into-greatness calls our Being
Feel the in-formation re-arranging
For our worldview healing…singing Unity

Time is the Universal Thought
Space is the breath of who we are
Co-creators in the music
Our awareness is the tuning
Just as ones and zeros speak the language of technology
We are the man-ifested glory of our in-formation story

Believe and you will see
Into-greatness calls our Being
Feel the in-formation re-arranging
For our worldview healing…singing Unity

Cosmic Hologram, hold it in your hands
You are one with All, like a shining gem
On the strings, our Godly instrument
Playing out Our Univer-Soul

Believe and you will see
Into-greatness calls our Being
Feel the in-formation re-arranging
For our worldview healing
Believe…in Our Being
Feel the in-formation re-arranging
For our worldview healing…singing Unity


As we come to the end of Earth Month, 2017, we look out at a planet amidst a state of chaos and dis-connect…and it feels as if we are watching a dear family member battling a life threatening illness. However, this crises feels even more profound, as it involves us ALL and the future of our Earthly home. Internally, we all know, whether consciously or un-consciously, that we each are part of the recipe that led us to this challenging state…and also that we each play an important role in our global healing.

Just as self-diagnosing dis-ease, and finding its root cause in our own bodies, can be difficult…so is the task of identifying the core imbalances that evolved into a larger planetary illness. It is quite easy to see the symptoms of dis-ease on surface levels; polution, colony colapse, warming and acidifying oceans, over population and starvation, to name a few. Many great people have been pouring their hearts and energy into addressing these issues, and this important work has led to positive changes…but as most of us know well, adressing and treating symptoms is a tempory bandaid solution and does not provide a true system reboot back into vibrant living. To have a real shot at deeper level healing, we must dive into the process of inner collective inquiry, and identify exactly where we ran off course years ago.

Often, in our own lives, I find, we are especially protective of the deeper wounds we carry…and we have taught our-selves to compensate around our energetic cuts and bruises, so much so, that we feel they serve us in certain ways and are part of who we are as “survivors.” We become resistant to letting go and making way for true healing and new evolution. As we embark on the journey of Earthly repair, we must be ready to open our hearts and minds to all possibilities and be willing to get a bit uncomfortable as we let go of old belief systems and make way for new evolution as a species and world.

I have been reading the new book, “The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation, by Dr. Jude Currivan, and thankfully, Jude is looking to the roots of our Earthly dis-harmony and has provided a holistic picture, both scientific and spiritual in nature, as to how and why we got to this point, and a framework for our collective reboot!

Jude has found that our planetary suffering has grown out of our dis-eased World-View; one in which we have learned to see ourselves through lenses of separation, rather than as a collective whole. “Our hitherto limited perception has brought us, and our planetary home, to the edge of a breakdown. In this global emergency, only the emergence of greater awareness will enable us to break through,” Jude says.

Despite the level of urgency in the previous statement, Jude is extatically postive about the human potential for growth at this time, and feels that an awareness breakthrough is possible. Actually, the timing could not be more divinely aligned, as we are just now reaching a turning point in history, a “scientific revolution,” in which the true nature and scope of our Universe, and our roles as cosmic co-creators, is becoming understood. Jude shares that “by reconciling scientifically-based evidence with universal spiritual experience, it will revolutionize our awareness of the unified nature of reality itself.” Naturally, this shift will have a vast impact on our everyday lives and the meaning that we assign to them.

Interestingly enough, our inter-connected, “Univer-Soul” expression has been described in a multitude of ways by various ancient cultures and wisdom traditions. Jude begins her book by revisiting a brilliant description of the cosmos, known as “Indra’s Net,” from a 3,000 year old Indian text, the Atharvaveda

“Imagine a shimmering net of light, without beginning or end. At each node of its weave and weft sits a shimmering jewel, and these myriad multifaceted jewels reflect and are each reflected by every other in rainbow-hued radiance of ever-changing illumination. Its infinite oneness manifests in the uncountable creative gems through which its eternal evolution is continually inspired and co-created.”

We are each a part of this great web of light, feeling the ripples of the whole net-work as well as contributing to its expansion as we grow and evolve in our unique, gem-like ways! We are a living net-work of conscious co-creation! And we are just beginning to see across many branches of science, that everything we know, see, think and percieve as reality, from the smallest Planck to the grandest star, arrises from in-formation. “Information is physical and the physical world is in-formed,” says Jude.

What does it mean to be in-formed? Jude eloquently paints a picture we can all understand through our own personal experiences with technology: “It’s revealing that the virtual realities and holograms of our high-tech gizmos are kid’s versions of the masterpiece which is the real world. The digital information whose existence, flows and interactions are the basis of our technologies, is exactly the same as the universal in-formation that the latest scientific discoveries are showing makes up, and literally is, all we call physical reality.”

We can start to perceive the in-formed reality of existence by looking around and observing nature, noticing that it is comprised of endless symmetries, patterns and systems…and that there is actually a beautifully orchestrated simplicity to the informational building blocks that make up just about everything we see. Jude even takes us on a journey back to The Big Bang, theorizing that unlike the chaotic mayhem that most of us imagine when visualizing this giant burst into Being, universal scientific principles suggest that there was likely great symetry and a sense of profoundly organized expansion in this very first moment.

Feeling like you have just taken “the red pill?” If so, amazing!!!…a wonderful sign that you are opening your heart and mind to greater awareness! Quantum theory, the Universe, Consciousness…these are all quite big subjects to try and wrap our brains around. Thankfully, brilliant thinkers and soul-searchers like Einstein, Planck, Schrodinger, Hawking and Jude Currivan have dedicated their lives to cosmic exploration…so that we may come closer to understanding how we got here, and why. The beauty of the in-formation received is that we are not separate from these large scale phonomons; we are integral, key pieces in the whole puzzle of oneness. And as we embody our re-membered, healthy Whole World-View, it becomes natural for everyone to take the steps needed to heal the symptoms of our planetary dis-ease…because we know we are connected…and we are in this together.

We are the Univer-Soul.

Please visit for more information on Jude and her groundbreaking work!

If you are in the NYC area, Jude will be joining me on Friday, May 12th @7:30PM for an exciting evening of music infused discussion, as the first guest speaker on my new live dialogue series, KeyNote Conversations. The event will be held at Integral Yoga (13th St between 7th and 8th Aves). Admission is a $20 suggested donation at the door.

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