Artist For Peace Kristin Hoffmann: BE~Cause: Music With a Message “Dancing Through Infinity”


A Monthly Awareness Song and Blog by Kristin Hoffmann

Dancing Through Infinity
By Kristin Hoffmann

This song is dedicated to, and inspired by, one of my greatest teachers, Allen D. Ritter; who’s healing, teaching, friendship and writings assisted me in “breaking out of the box,” to see myself in all infinite directions!

Choices scatter like dreams
Into a sky of Eternity
No longer black or white
Red or green
It’s not as simple as it seems
Oh, did you let them lock you up?
Inside your own imagination box?
Preaching, “Choice is Free!”
Just like coffee or tea

Well, I’m the artist
Yeah, the artist is me
And my palette paints…

Finally found, ‘cause I can see
My own desires becoming me
Send me forward and set me free
Into Infinity
We’re made of endless possibility
There’s no more case for “You or Me”
When we’re dancing through Infinity

Would you fight for your right to choose
Between the numbers 1 or 2?
Until you’re crying out black and blue
Well that’s exactly what they want from you

Well I’m the artist
Yeah, the artist is me
And my palette paints…

Repeat Chorus:

No need to fight for the right to choose between “you or me”
That’s not the truth of reality
No need to fight for the right to choose between “you or me”
That’s just the trick of Polarity

Repeat Chorus:

Kristin-Hoffmann featuredAs we are in the primetime lead-up to another presidential election, it has become nearly impossible to turn on the internet, TV, or look at social media without being totally bombarded by Republicans and Democrats throwing tons of angry verbiage and energy back and forth at each other on a constant basis…or trying to pull you to one side or the other. Something as simple as going on Facebook in a moment of peace to check in on a friend can quickly become and overwhelming and draining experience when we spot the latest news feed and get lured back in to “the debate.” Please don’t get sidetracked or elevated at this point thinking I am writing about politics…I am not…so take a long deep breath and exhale! I am also by no means saying that there is not a time and a space to have real talks about important issues of our times. I am merely making the observation that the energetic landscape these days seems more focused on “picking sides” and dividing us as people rather than any kind of real collective system of working together as a human beings to see how we can make the world a better place. Why is this??? I can’t help but ask this question…

“Dancing Through Infinity” explores the difference between “Polarity,” which most of us have been trained to believe is actually “Choice” and true “Infinite Choice” and endless possibility. As humans, I believe most of us value “choice” as our most important asset, and really, I believe it is. Even if we feel like we have nothing else, we are free to choose. Unfortunately, because of the “polarity game” that is played almost everywhere we turn, we are not really utilizing our true potential of choice. From the time we are born, we experience the trick of polarities…to name a few:

-There are bad people and good people
-You’re either rich or poor
-You’re either ugly or pretty/fat or skinny
-You’re a ketchup person or a mustard person
-You’re a Republican or a Democrat
-You’re creative or you’re not
-You are a good parent or a bad parent
-You’re a success or a failure
-You’re straight or gay
-Healthy or sick
-Happy or depressed
-etc…on, and on, and on…

The truth is that we are always changing…we are not one thing or another. Polarities keep you very busy going back and forth, back and forth. Ask yourself the questions; “Who is this serving?   And why?” Most likely, not you! This system DOES serve anyone “selling” us anything, whether it be a product, politics, religion, a war, you name it…by narrowing down our perceived margin of choice to only two choices, they know that there will be huge groups of people going one way or the other.

The truth of “free choice,” which is our right, is that we have infinite choices to be made, and in every single moment we are constantly changing and growing as we make those choices. Take a new look at yourself. Maybe you always thought you were a “business person,” so you assumed you were not at all creative…is this true or did someone instill this belief within you? A parent? A teacher? A friend? Think of all the creative possibilities out there, which you might very well be shutting out by putting a heavy label on yourself. Think of all the new possibilities available to you once you open up to the full spectrum of your potential. Yes, maybe as your job, you do “business,” but maybe now you can begin to explore photography or take that piano lesson that you’ve always dreamed of.

When you see polarities, just take a step back and spend a minute observing all of your possible choices so that you can really choose or create what “you” want out of life, rather than another person or energy making that choice for you. I think you will quickly see how colorful life can be!

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