Artist For Peace Terry Benedict Is Producer of Upcoming Mel Gibson Film “Hacksaw Ridge”

Desmond T. Doss and Terry Benedict

The highly anticipated Mel Gibson film “Hacksaw Ridge” opens in theaters nationwide on November 4, 2016, recounting the dramatic story of Desmond T. Doss, Conscientious Objector and Medal of Honor Recipient.

Artist For Peace and Filmmaker/Director Terry Benedict made the 2004 documentary on Desmond T. Doss entitled “Conscientious Objector.”

Over a decade later, Walden Media had obtained the dramatic rights to the story and convinced Mel Gibson to take on the project to capture Doss’ story with his unique blend of violence and faith, as he did in “The Passion of the Christ,” officials say. Coming full circle from creating the full documentary on Doss, Terry Benedict joined the “Hacksaw Ridge” team as producer.

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