Arun Gandhi: Violence Will Not End Violence


Arun Gandhi
Fifth Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi
Chair, Gandhi Global Center For Peace

The question we have not asked ourselves is why, after almost 50 Years of Civil Rights, we are nowhere near integration? The reason is we depended on the law to integrate society. The law can only enable people to sit at the same table but no law on earth can make anyone RESPECT the other if they don’t want to. Respect will never come through anger, aggression, shootings, and all the divisive dialogue that violence generates. Respect will come through education, through broadening our perspectives, through friendly dialogue and most importantly through honest admission that we are prejudiced — everyone of us of whatever race — and be willing to take necessary peaceful measures to eradicate the hate. It is ignorance that is killing us. Our education is all about acquiring a career to make a lot of money. There is no component of building character and moral strength. Children don’t get this at home either because families are either broken or both parents are caught in the trap of working hard to be able to survive in a consumerist society. Our lives are governed by materialism and how many times we pray and not by how we get along with each other. If we HATE each other we are not true to our religion because no religion teaches hate, violence and the destruction of life.

All violence is inhuman and resolves nothing. Let us not succumb to anger and irresponsible actions. Let us remember Dr. King’s wisdom: Hate will not eliminate hate and so violence will not end violence.

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