Arun Gandhi: How Faith-based Organizations Create a New Kind of Human Trafficking

Arun Gandhi
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It is unfortunate that Faith-based organizations, across the board, have played a very negative role in issues relating to human relationships.
The Hindus, even to this day, continue to propagate caste distinctions which is an obnoxious form of racism; the Christians in the past justified slavery and even today continue to make distinctions between believers and non-believers as do the Muslims.
Personally, I have broadened the scope of human trafficking. When we talk about trafficking we generally refer to slavery or the sale of human beings for prostitution or other means of exploitation. I feel that when religious leaders preach hate and violence and divide humanity, they are trafficking the morals and values of the people. This is just as bad as selling a human being into slavery. This continues in all societies all over the world even today and it is this degeneration of humanity that is causing all the violence we experience.
When society is suffering from multiple maladies trying to cure the easiest one seems meaningless.  This is why my grandfather, Mohandas K. Gandhi, focused on the “culture of violence.” There are many aspects of human behavior and relationships that need to be addressed so that the culture of violence can be transformed to a culture of nonviolence.