Arun Gandhi: The obsession with terrorism


Arun Gandhi

Arun Global Purpose Summit 2013Terrorism has driven some of us into such a frenzy of fear that it often borders on the ridiculous.  The other day at a party I met middle-aged gentleman from the upper middle class economic status.  He was very curious about all my travels and questioned me at length about the places I had been to.  So I asked him: “Tell me about your travels?”

“Oh, I haven’t been anywhere outside the United States,” he said quite firmly.

“Why not?  Don’t you like to travel?”

“Yes,” he said and added. “But I am afraid.”

“All these terrorists stalking us Americans.  I don’t want to die yet.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.  “Where are the terrorists?”

“Oh, all over the world.  They are just waiting for Americans to come out of the country so they can kill them.”

I was so shocked by this bald statement that I blurted out: “That is unadulterated BS.   Think there are far more terrorists in our cities and our streets than in the world.”

“What do you mean?” He said quite shocked.

“Every nut who carries a concealed weapon in the United States is a terrorist a la Zimmerman.  every man who looks at a woman with lascivious eyes is a terrorist, every man who beats his wife or his children is a terrorist.  that makes almost all of us terrorists or potential terrorists,” I said.

This dialogue took place on the day Zimmerman was found not guilty and the day when a quiet, peace loving citizen was killed by a stray bullet while walking his dog at 6 a.m.  This gentleman’s definition of a terrorist is typically “Islamist terrorists”. I say everyone who threatens another in any way is a terrorists. what is your definition?