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Providing bicycles for healthcare workers in Africa is a simple but effective way to increase the number of HIV/AIDS patients that can be seen in a day.

BikeTown Africa is a community-based project based on a simple premise: provide healthcare workers with bicycles to provide home-based care for people infected with HIV/AIDS so they can visit and provide care to more patients in a day.

“It is a project that demonstrates  how a single bicycle can change someone’s life,” the organization states.

Beginning in its fifth year, BikeTown Africa has delivered more than 1,700 bicycles in Botswana, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, and Tanzania.

Featured recently on the television network show “The Doctors,” BikeTown Africa hosted a trip to Tanzania with host Dr. Travis Stork to assemble and distribute 200 bicycles on World AIDS Day.

“This is where a bike can truly make the difference between an early death and a long prosperous life,” Stork comments.

Watch a video clip from “The Doctors” coverage of BikeTown Africa:

Deb Cosgrove of Emmaus, Pennsylvania traveled with a team to Tanzania last year and shared about her experience delivering bicycles in Tanzania on the BikeTown Africa blog:

“Working side by side with my team from Kibaha I realized that BikeTown Africa isn’t just about building bikes, it’s about building relationships, lives, and a future for the people of Africa. When I first thought of coming to Africa I thought I could help change the lives of a few people and help them survive. In the end I found that they have also changed me and helped in my life. I see their hardships and I realize I truly have nothing to complain about. Yes, I already knew that but now I have experienced it with my whole physical being. I rode down the roads they ride, felt the heat they feel and have eaten the food they eat.”

(An excerpt from Building Bikes and a Future in Tanzania 2009/12/07)

This year, BikeTown Africa will deliver another 540 bicycles to healthcare workers in Gambia, Malawi, and Rwanda.

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