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Missy Crutchfield
Gandhi’s Be Magazine

The young men in our neighborhoods, communities, and cities across the nation are under construction. Boyz Inc. is a pilot project connecting young men with homework help, media spotlights, and service learning with mentors and role models like inventors, judges, business leaders, and even mayors.

They can get there from here. That’s what Boyz Inc. is all about.

Boyz Inc. is designed to be shared and replicated in neighborhoods and communities across the nation.

Video: Boyz Inc. pilot 2011

A little background on why I created this initiative:

The year is 2008. The room is filled with a group of
individuals who have been brought together to discuss the questions and concerns that everyone has about youth today.

How do we reach them?

How do we guide them in finding their purpose?

How do we share the positive choices they have available to them?

How do we help them discover success in life?

In particular the group’s conversations were focused on the challenges they face in working with boys.

At a certain point in the proceedings, I stepped to the microphone: “I am a single parent. And I have a male child, who also happens to be a teenager! I can teach him about values, I can teach him about character, I can teach him about the meaning of success—but how in this culture can I teach him what it means to be a man.”

Their silence spoke volumes. And that response was my motivation to found Boyz Inc. and to begin the process of finding answers and developing solutions. My journey has led me to create mentoring programs, to write plays, and to inaugurate a Leadership Academy Camp in conjunction with one of the top private boys schools in the nation, McCallie School. And the work has just begun.

~Missy Crutchfield Boyz Inc. Founder

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun Gandhi says:

“I first became acquainted with Missy Crutchfield when she joined the “Gandhi Legacy Tour” retracing my grandfather’s footsteps across India. Missy is passionate about important issues like domestic violence, the national plight of our young men, and addressing issues of illiteracy, unemployment, violence, and incarceration. Our conversations made an impression on me. And as we have worked together on several projects and tours, we are now planning a vision for a Gandhi Global Center for Peace. As you read through The Idea Library workbooks and contemplate how you will implement these ideas for change in your communities, remember what my Grandfather said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” 


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