Cassandra Curley: “Resistance is Futile!”


Cassandra Curley
Guest Blogger

Are you tired of hearing the same groups, arguing about the same issues, ad nauseum, without any apparent signs of seeking peace? Yet, humanity has been arguing about religion, politics, morality, equality and more for thousands of years, with limited progress and little sign of change.

Isn’t that Einstein’s definition of insanity? It is insane!

Furthermore, there are an inordinate number of people spending an extraordinary amount of time and effort trying to discredit others.

It only fuels fire.

For that matter, just as many are bellowing about information founded on tenuous, if not unreliable, sources.

Their “truths” are biased.

Others incite conflict for reasons that seem beyond understanding. It’s as though they are desperate to be heard, but their message is unclear. Problems won’t be solved without clear communication. Arguing without a dialogue aimed at mutual understanding only creates obstacles, not solutions.

Never the less, conflicts, turmoil and similar interactions consume headlines and burden our lives. We can hardly look at or hear the news, peruse social media, open email, read texts or listen to conversations that don’t have to do with someone conflicted with, or resisting something.

I believe the Borgs have it right, “Resistance is futile!”

It’s unlikely to believe that progress will be made with resistance, rather than finding a common ground. We need a more hopeful path if we are to find peace.

So, how can we develop mutual understanding and reduce conflict?

Peace can BE discovered by seeking different points of view through varied sources of information with an open mind and heart. Doing so can expose information that may not have been apparent or, that may have been misunderstood.

To best serve, that would include information from sources that do not stand to gain from their outcome, so as to not influence. News media doesn’t usually fit the criteria, because their method has relied more on eliciting fear to gain an audience, rather than conveying truth. The best of humanity is not, and never has been, presented equally in the media (that includes, self-proclaimed news pundits). So, we cannot rely on them as reliable sources of information.

That being said, there are many sources that can enhance our awareness and many things we can agree upon, like the desire for happiness, comfort, companionship and a purposeful life. If we hold on to those truths, while seeking a common ground, we may discover that some of the things we disagreed about were just fabrications generated out of misunderstanding.

Call me namby-pamby (I don’t care) but, we can get along if we truly desire. Peace is possible.

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