Center for Jewish Nonviolence: Live from Bethlehem “End 50 Years of Occupation” Delegation 2017


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Ilana Sumka
Executive Director
Center for Jewish Nonviolence

We’re here.

After 10 months of planning, our campaign has begun. I’m here in Bethlehem with nearly 200 Jewish leaders to demand an end to 50 years of occupation. I’ve worked for peace and justice here for over 10 years, and the sight of Jewish people of all ages from around the world coming together in this moment gives me real hope.

Today, teams of Jewish activists spread across occupied Palestinian territory, from East Jerusalem to the South Hebron Hills. It was a day of work; members of the Center for Jewish Nonviolence were in the fields with Palestinian activists and residents, planting crops and rebuilding demolished homes.

The work is valuable in and of itself, but it holds another purpose: to help us all get in tune with one another. This level of partnership between Palestinian leaders and Jewish activists from around the world is unprecedented, and we have an exciting week ahead.

You can follow our work in real time on our Facebook page, where we will post photos and livestream certain actions. You can also follow and retweet us using the hashtags #JewishResistance, #50yearstoomany, and #occupationisnotmyjudaism.

All of you have helped us reach this moment, and I’m extremely grateful.

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