Institute For Global Transformation™

Institute For Global Transformation™
The Institute For Global Transformation™ was founded in 2002 and became a 501(c)(3) not for profit in 2005. The Institute was founded to advance the evolution of consciousness by promulgating the principles of the connectedness of all life.

Our Vision is a world working together to utilize the power, love and wisdom of higher consciousness to benefit humanity and the planet.

Our Mission is to provide a community for Change-Makers who are creating profound change in our personal lives and through this change are, together, co-creating a new world paradigm of inclusiveness, compassion and unity with diversity.

We are a global community of innovative thinkers who want to shift humanity’s collective consciousness through group collaboration. We’re creating a critical mass that will give birth to a new world paradigm of love, wisdom and purpose. We come from all walks of life, all races, religions, socioeconomic status, and spiritual development.

What unites us is an unleashed knowledge within our inner-most being that our individual and collective awakening can be accelerated by working together with others of like-mind to positively impact humanity and the planet.

As Change-Makers we share a sense of the connectedness of all things and see ourselves as bridge builders. We have deep concerns regarding the environment, economics, social issues, and relationships between people, communities and nations. As a result, we view the world through a radically different lens – a way of seeing that steps out of only black and white and right and wrong thinking.

4915 Atlanta Hwy.
Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA

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Institute For Global Transformation™