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Quantum Leaders
117 NW Bassel Rd.
Vancouver WA
“Uplifting People and Society through Transforming Business”

We Believe
All living beings are unique and are meant to express their essential contribution to life
Organizations are living beings that operate by the same principles as individuals
We are the creators of our world and the outcomes we experience
We are defined by, and create from, our deeply held stories

If we change the environment in which people work we change the people who work there. Quantum Leaders is committed to create environments where we live and work that support and honor the dignity of the human spirit. Our soulful purpose is to transform our lives from a mechanical experience to fully expressed lives that free the creative spark of the human spirit.

Business has a powerful impact on our society whether for good or ill. Our work is to transform business to ensure thy create an extraordinary positive impact. Our Mission is to create workshops, trainings and tools that develop the skills and abilities necessary for individuals and organizations to transform their lives. We offer leadership development and coaching, developing one’s strategic compass and tools for strategy execution, guidance for improving operations, employee development, culture change and change adoptability.