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Dr Jim Frazier OAM
225 Abbotts Road, Bootawa NSW Australia
Dr Jim Frazier is one of Australia’s most highly decorated cinematographers. He is the winner of an Oscar, Emmy, three Golden tripods, a US industrial Film and Video Gold Camera Award, a Golden Panda, an Honorary Doctorate for his contribution to scientific knowledge and an OAM. He has won over forty national and international awards for his work, including the Technical Oscar in 1997 for his invention of the Frazier Lens System which revolutionized the international film industry. In October 1998, because of the invention and design of the Panavision/Frazier Lens System, Jim was presented with the John Grierson International Gold Medal for pioneering work in micro/macro cinematography of invertebrate animals.

Jim’s career as a wildlife cinematographer has been spread over more than forty years, with many of those years travelling the world filming wildlife for Sir David Attenborough, National Geographic, Time Life and the Discovery Channel as well as his own productions. He is an artist, scientist, environmentalist, inventor and author. Recently he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Australian Cinematographers Society. Jim has also been made an honorary Rotarian and has assisted Rotary in raising funds for many of their projects. He is an engaging and inspirational public speaker and because of his high profile attracts big audiences. He loves to speak to corporate and community groups.

Jim is a humble man who is not afraid to speak his mind and is a serious ambassador for the world’s many different environments. One of his greatest loves is to inspire younger people and children and he has the innate ability to relate easily and effectively with both children and adults alike. For all of his world-wide acclaim, he is a humble man who cares about humanity and the natural environment on an equal footing!
His innovative approach to art and photography has led to the creation of a Crystal Art form that is unique in the world with high profile people such as Hillary Clinton, Colleen McCullock and Oprah Winfrey owning some of his extraordinary creations. Within this format, Jim grows and manipulates crystals, then, with the use of extraordinary colour backlighting and macro lenses, he creates amazing abstract and fantasy crystal landscapes which are then transferred to canvas. They can be viewed on
www.conversationbitz.com.au Similarly with his unique style of photography he has recently produced an extraordinary book “Butterflies on my Mind” where he has captured butterflies in flight that nobody else has ever been able to emulate.

Giving the Earth A Voice…………

Through Jim’s extensive travel around the globe, he has become greatly concerned about the mass environmental destruction by humans. Predictions he made thirty years ago have come to fruition and he warns that now, there is only a matter of time before the damage to the earth’s environments will be irreversible. His own six grandchildren have been his driving force and deep concern for future generations and what they will inherit.

To bring this devastation of our Earth to the world’s attention, Jim has conceived a unique concept of producing a global blockbuster environmental feature film “Symphony of the Earth. Using an entertainment approach, a ’Woodstock of the Cinema’, the collective power of the world’s foremost singers, musicians, entertainers and filmmakers will be harnessed. This is probably one of the biggest global environmental projects which anyone has ever attempted. The concept of “Symphony of the Earth” in preproduction is a project comprising ten films; the main cinema blockbuster and nine television documentaries.
Jim is currently seeking funding to launch the project from its planning stages. This latest quest has been eight years in the planning. Jim aims to create a new genre of music, using sounds from the natural animal world. The main goal is to bring global environmental awareness, to inform while at the same time offering solutions and designed to encourage peace, love and harmony with the planet. Jim has donated his recent book “Butterflies on my Mind” to “Symphony of the Earth” to help with raising funds for the project. Visit: www.symphonyoftheearth.org