“The Course in Nonviolent Living” Launches on November 11, 2016


“The Course in Nonviolent Living: 66 Days to change your life and change your world!” launches on November 11, 2016. An educational outreach of Gandhi’s Be Magazine in collaboration with Gandhi Global Center For Peace, the online course will explore the philosophy of nonviolence as it applies to life, work, relationships, community, and service.

The course description explains further, “Nonviolence is more than just a strategy that Mahatma Gandhi used to lead India to independence from British Rule. Nonviolence is a way of living that has the power to impact every challenge we face right now. Learn the invaluable thinking, skills, and strategies that will change your life and change your world as together we create, connect, collaborate, and communicate what we want our future to BE.”

For a limited time, the inaugural class of “The Course in Nonviolent Living” is free with membership in Gandhi’s Be Magazine’s “Global Community of Changemakers” and memberships can be gifted if community members wish to offer as a scholarship to students and young people who may not be able to afford to join otherwise.

Coinciding with the launch of “The Course in Nonviolent Living” is the campaign for 11 Days to #VTheChange which kicks off November 1-11, 2016. The 11 Days to #VTheChange Campaign is encouraging people to try going vegan (plant-based, meat-free, and dairy-free) for the first 11 days of November, which is also World Vegan Month.

Gandhi’s Be Magazine Editor-in-Chief Missy Crutchfield said, “In addition to ‘The Course in Nonviolent Living’ exploring nonviolence across history and how it applies to life today, as inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, we hope the 11 Days to #VTheChange Campaign will inspire people to consider the single most important thing we can all do to change things is to become vegan and to perhaps make that commitment in their own lives. We hope to expand the conversation to the power that citizens have to vote for a better, healthier, more compassionate world with their dollars and what they choose to put on their plates.”

Crutchfield continued, “With social and environmental issues intensifying around climate change, racism & social justice, domestic violence, animal rights, and public health, going vegan is more than just a diet, it is a nonviolent way of life. We believe the 11 Days to #VTheChange campaign serves as a launching point for people to try vegan and be inspired, empowered, and activated by daily updates featuring vegan movies, books, and studies; recipes and tips; and information about supporting longtime and emerging vegan and animal rights groups and movements. Going vegan is the one thing we can all do that impacts nearly every social and environmental issue we face today.”

For more information on how to join the “The Course in Nonviolent Living” visit www.bemagazine.org/nonviolent-living-course. For more information about the “11 Days to #VTheChange” Campaign visit www.bemagazine.org/11-days-vthechange.