A Course in The Vegan Way of Life

Change your life and change your world!

An online course from Gandhi’s Be Magazine that you don’t want to miss… It’s a life-changing, world-changing introduction to “The Vegan Way of Life.” Reserve your spot today…

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Climate Change & Global Warming… Racism & Social Justice… Domestic Violence… Animal Rights… Human Rights… Feminism & Women’s Rights… Global Hunger & Poverty… Violence & Mass Incarceration… Workers Rights… Heart Disease, Cancer & Diabetes…. What can you do?

Going vegan is more than just a diet, it’s a nonviolent way of life. Join us in going vegan (plant-based, no meat, no dairy). It’s the one thing we can all do that impacts nearly every social and environmental issue we face today.

“A Course in The Vegan Way of Life” offers an interactive 30-day jumpstart for you to Go Vegan and #VTheChange.

The June 2017 class kicks off soon so…

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