Profiles of Changemakers: Dexter Scott King


Photo Credit: Dexter Scott King on Pinterest

This profile was published as part of Gandhi’s Be Magazine’s #ProfilesofChangemakers series, uplifting the stories, lives, and work of Changemakers who are being the change they wish to see in the world.

Dexter Scott King is the second son of Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Serving as Chairman of The King Center in Atlanta, Ga., he carries forward the legacy of civil rights with his own unique commitment to Civil Rights and the practice of Nonviolence in daily life. Dexter King chose to become a Vegan (no meat, no dairy, plant-based) back in the late 80’s when his friend, Dick Gregory, a civil rights activist and comedian, shared with him about Veganism and the intersections between the Civil Rights and Animal Rights movements, and the ongoing fight to end oppression for all. Later, his mother Coretta Scott King, became vegan as well, and she believed that the animal rights movement is the next “logical extension” of the practice of nonviolence. Dexter King has shared over the years that he believes, “If you’re violent to yourself by putting [harmful] things into your body that violate its spirit, it will be difficult not to perpetuate that [violence] onto someone else.” As he chairs The King Center, the legacy of civil rights and nonviolence of Martin Luther King, Jr. lives on through an engaging and interactive museum and nonviolence programming for youth for generations to come.

Dexter says, “Veganism has given me a higher level of awareness and spirituality, primarily because the energy associated with eating has shifted to other areas.”

Vegetarian Times profile in the 1990’s.

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