Farm Sanctuary: Announcing New In-Classroom Humane Education Program


Farm Sanctuary is thrilled to announce the Fall 2017 launch of our new In-Classroom Humane Education Program in the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas! Following a successful program pilot this spring and thanks to the support of the teachers and schools who participated, we have formally initiated this powerful new education program at Farm Sanctuary.

Farm Sanctuary’s In-Classroom Humane Education Program fosters a deeper understanding of the lives of farm animals and issues of our modern food system, all through the exciting experience of a “virtual field trip” that transports students from their classroom seats to the green pastures of Farm Sanctuary. Through the media of photo and video, storytelling, interactive learning exercises, and virtual reality technology, Farm Sanctuary’s Humane Education Program introduces students to the individual animals who call Farm Sanctuary home and their amazing stories of rescue, healing, and transformation. Through virtual reality headsets, students come face-to-face with the animals of Farm Sanctuary and experience a 360-degree view of our upstate New York farm.

If you are a middle or high school teacher in the New York City or Philadelphia metropolitan area and you would like to schedule a Farm Sanctuary presentation for your class, please complete our online request form.

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