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This Christmas season, Be Magazine connects you with the Gifts that Change the World 

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The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global relief organization created in the 1930s at the suggestion of Albert Einstein. In its early beginnings, IRC provided support to refugees coming from Germany, Italy, and Spain during World War II.

Today IRC provides aid to refugees in over 40 countries, including the world’s largest refugee camp in Kenya, Africa. IRC also serves the impoverished in over 22 major cities across the United States.

From healthcare and education to resettlement and advocacy, IRC provides a pipeline of much-needed support with the goal of reestablishing personal empowerment.

You can give Gifts that Change the World through the International Rescue Committee:

  • Provide for a child to attend school for one year.
  • Provide healthcare for a mother-to-be.
  • Provide education for a local to become a healthcare provider.

We know that many of us are working on a budget this holiday season, we’ve looked over the prices for giving through International Rescue Committee, and there is something for everyone. The IRC’s gifts range from under $50 to over $250… No matter the amount spent, every dollar does make a difference. And what is really exciting this year, the International Rescue Committee has a very generous $1.7 million dollar-for-dollar match underway, so your gift will be doubled along with others’ gifts up to $1.7 million.

If you like the idea of giving Gifts that Change the World and providing tangible support to refugees from around the world this Christmas, visit

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Be Magazine connects you with the Gifts that Change the World this Christmas. Share the gift of making a difference this year. We are proud to spotlight Gifts that Change the World through the International Rescue Committee. For more ideas visit Be Magazine’s Gifts that Change the World section.