“I Am A Citizen” Advocacy Toolbox

Now more than ever before we need engaged citizens in the United States and around the world. Gandhi’s Be Magazine is in the process of compiling a collection of resources we’re calling the “I Am A Citizen” Toolbox.

Send us your ideas and let us know how we can help you become active, engaged citizens working for freedom, democracy, human rights, and social justice for all, not just some.

” I Am A Citizen” Toolbox

Freedom of Information Act

Did you know? As a citizen you have a right to access information from local, state, and federal government ranging from emails to record files.

Helpful basics: From the Department of Justice Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) website:

Who can make a FOIA request?

“Generally any person – United States citizen or not – can make a FOIA request.”

How do I make a FOIA request?

“Before making a request, first look to see if the information you are interested in is already publicly available. You can find a lot of useful information on a range of topics on each agency’s website. You can also search for information agencies have already posted online here on FOIA.gov.

If the information you want is not publicly available, you can submit a FOIA request to the agency’s FOIA Office. The request simply must be in writing and reasonably describe the records you seek. Most federal agencies now accept FOIA requests electronically, including by web form, e-mail or fax. See the list of federal agencies for details about how to make a request to each agency and any specific requirements for seeking certain records.”

Where do I send a FOIA request?

“Each federal agency handles its own records in response to requests. There are currently one hundred agencies subject to the FOIA with several hundred offices that process FOIA requests. Your request will receive the quickest possible response if it is addressed directly to the FOIA office of the agency or agency component that you believe has the records you are seeking. See the list of federal agencies for the individual contact information for each agency.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government.”

Check your local and state government for additional information on FOIA process.

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Call or Email Your State and U.S. Senators & Representatives

We have the Tennessee leadership is listed here, please send us your list to add so we can help others contact their state leadership too.

Congressional members:

Member Name DC Phone DC FAX
Sen. Lamar Alexander 202-224-4944 202-228-3398
Sen. Bob Corker 202-224-3344 202-228-0566
Rep. Phil Roe 202-225-6356 202-225-5714
Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. 202-225-5435 202-225-6440
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann 202-225-3271 202-225-3494
Rep. Scott DesJarlais 202-225-6831 202-226-5172
Rep. Jim Cooper 202-225-4311 202-226-1035
Rep. Diane Black 202-225-4231 202-225-6887
Rep. Marsha Blackburn 202-225-2811 202-225-3004
Rep. Stephen Fincher 202-225-4714 202-225-1765
Rep. Steve Cohen 202-225-3265 202-225-5663

For Email Contact:

General House Website Link<http://www.house.gov/Welcome.shtml>

Tennessee Congressmen’s Websites

* Black, Diane<http://black.house.gov/>, Tennessee, 6th Email<https://black.house.gov/contact-me/email-me>
* Blackburn, Marsha<http://blackburn.house.gov/>, Tennessee 7th Email<http://blackburn.house.gov/ContactForm/>
* Cohen, Steve<http://cohen.house.gov/>, Tennessee, 9th Email<https://cohen.house.gov/contact-me>
* Cooper, Jim<http://www.cooper.house.gov/>, Tennessee, 5th Email<https://cooper.house.gov/contact/email-me>
* DesJarlais, Scott<http://desjarlais.house.gov/>, Tennessee, 4th Email<https://desjarlais.house.gov/contact/email-me>
* Duncan Jr., John J.<http://www.house.gov/duncan/>, Tennessee, 2nd Email<http://duncan.house.gov/services/zip-auth.shtml>
* Fincher, Stephen<http://fincher.house.gov/>, Tennessee, 8th Email<https://fincher.house.gov/contact>
* Fleischmann, Chuck<http://fleischmann.house.gov/>, Tennessee, 3rd Email<https://fleischmann.house.gov/contact-me/email-me>
* Roe, Phil<http://roe.house.gov/>, Tennessee, 1st Email<http://roe.house.gov/Contact/>
General US Senate website<http://www.senate.gov/>

Senator Lamar Alexander<http://alexander.senate.gov/public/> Email<http://alexander.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Email>
DC Phone: 202-224-4944

Senator Bob Corker<http://corker.senate.gov/public/> Email<https://www.corker.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=ContactMe>
DC Phone: 202-224-3344

In-State numbers:


Nashville 615-736-5129 615-269-4803
Knoxville 865-545-4253 865-545-4252
Chattanooga 423-752-5337 423-752-5342
Memphis 901-544-4224 901-544-4227
Jackson 731-423-9344 731-423-8918
Blountville 423-325-6240 423-325-6236


Nashville 615-279-8125 615-279-9488
Knoxville 865-637-4180 865-637-9886
Chattanooga 423-756-2757 423-756-5313
Memphis 901-683-1910
Jackson 731-424-9655 731-424-8322
Blountville 423-323-1252 423-323-0358

Tennessee Congressmen

Blountville 423-354-0144 423-354-0092
Morristown 423-317-7459 423-317-7562


Knoxville 865-523-3772 865-544-0728
Maryville 865-984-5464 865-984-0521
Athens 423-745-4671 423-745-6025


Chattanooga 423-756-2342 423-756-6613
Oak Ridge

Columbia 931-490-8699 931-490-8675


Nashville 615-736-5295 615-736-7479


Cookeville 931-854-0069 615-206-8980
Crossville 931-854-0069
Gallatin 615-206-8204 615-206-8980


Franklin 615-591-5161 615-599-2916
Clarksville 931-503-0391 931-503-0393
Memphis 901-382-5811 901-373-8215

Jackson 731-423-4848 731-427-1537

Memphis 901-544-4131 901-544-4329

Contacting State General Assemblies for Medical Marijuana and Decriminalization


More to come….