“When Inner-Peace Is Accomplished – World Peace Is Achieved” – RETREAT SERIES: PART ONE


Sacretherapy® – A Sacred Retreat to Inner Peace: If We Could Just Be Still!

by Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC- President of The Sacretherapy Institute’s UR2.Global Project

Greetings Fellow-Soul Travelers: It is such an honor to speak with you today about “peace” on the birthday of the Honorable Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., – a spiritual leader who advocated for a peaceful harmonious world. I am also proud to share that I actually worked for the PR firm that coordinated the March on Washington (alongside members of the King family and Stevie Wonder) that made his birthday a national holiday! And so, it is with extra meaning and conviction that I come to you on this day in the realization that we modern-day advocates of peace, stand on the shoulders of giants. And with that knowledge, I, along with Missy Crutchfield and Melissa Turner – Co-Founders of Gandhi’s BE Magazine, humbly inherit the torch to continue the legacy of our pioneers. Acting as ‘Ambassadors of Goodwill’ we proclaim our theme: “When Inner-Peace is Accomplished – World Peace Is Achieved” for our Joint Partnership Spiritual Journey and Retreat in Machu Picchu, Peru, this coming July 9-15, 2017. You may have received some pre-information, and now we are launching our full promotional campaign for peace utilizing the performing arts and healing arts and want to provide an “overview” of the weeklong event and formally introduce you to our wonderful presenters that have joined our quest.

Most of you are already familiar with our “performing artists” (Premik Russell Tubbs, Kristin Hoffmann and my work as Dr. K’s Music Therapy); so now our retreat presenters from the “healing arts” will graciously offer one “teaser” each, that will be featured every other Monday so that you can get an idea of what you will experience in the following retreat sessions of: Dr. Ivan Figueroa – an award-winning physician and author of Spirituality 103: The Forgiveness Code, Dr. Andrea Pennington – author of How To Liberate & Love Your Authentic Self and frequent guest on Oprah and Dr. Oz, Dr. Antoine Chevalier – a White House staff member and author of The Power of Creation, Dr. Edwige Bingue – an award-winning author of You’re Not Crazy – You’re Awakening, along with Missy Crutchfield – President and CEO of Gandhi Global Center for Peace (co-founded with Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson – Arun Gandhi) and co-author along with me of the psychodrama: GAIA/Sacred Geometry: Inner-Peace = World Peace, and Melissa Turner – Co-Founder of Gandhi’s BE Magazine who will present how “photo-linguistics” turn the art of living wholly into an art-form. Lastly, yours truly, will be presenting my music therapy along with a portion of the “inner-sanctuary” section from my book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy – Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide. (See the “Retreat Teaser Schedule” at the end of this article and flyer for more information on Presenters).

Today, I have the privilege of beginning our series of “teasers” and giving the initial “overview” of what the Spiritual Journey and Retreat will be about. We created an audio/visual promo of this overview to convey our intention as well, and so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out I hope you will because “a picture really is worth more than a thousand words.” It’s only five minutes. So please click the link at the bottom to see it. In the meantime, let me start by sharing that this retreat is a most important synergy to assist our global communities in the achievement of “inner-peace” in order to achieve “world peace” at a time of much unrest within people’s perception of the world. This is why we selected the sacred site of Machu Picchu which is one of the seven wonders of the world, and held to be one of the most spiritual places on the planet, where we intend to embed within the consciousness of mankind an imprinting that reminds us of our sacred connection to the Source and that there is much more beauty and love in this world than pain.

What you will gain by attending this retreat is an inner transformation, validation, and an awakening. Being in such a glorious space, we will feel the heartbeat of mother earth, as drumming and enchanted gong vibrations align our innate self and ancestral spirit. As a psychotherapist and ordained metaphysician, I certainly know that where-ever we are, God is, and at the same time, I must share what I say in my Sacretherapy® book about retreats, “that there are places and spaces on this planet that are downright holy – where you feel the presence more.” So we’re going there to set and reinforce our intention, and sing our songs (literally and symbolically) as we redefine and rediscover who we truly are at our core.

For it is there that we will once again know that we embody the sacred promise to be all that we came forth to be, able to feel our humanity and reclaim our sanity, as we are reminded that we “too” are valuable worthy beings, with access to the father/mother’s wisdom and gifts that weren’t meant to be reserved for only saints or mystics or the rich and famous. For these are the fruits and glimpse of Sacretherapy® – a sacred therapy – that is humane, gentle, nonviolent – and nonjudgmental, where each soul matters and is assured that as we proclaim at The Sacretherapy Institute’s UR2.Global Project that “UR2” (you are too!) a significant, beautiful, worthy being, with the birthright to live as “esteemed beings” honoring the fullness of your being, mind, body, and atman – the soul.

So it is by taking time out to retreat, and be still, that we take with us the understanding of the equality of the human membrane and its blood giving life-force and value, able to shine our light within and acknowledge its brilliance. As we transcend the conditioning of the masses and expose our authentic individualism in a sacred space of unified “all-is-oneness” where we honor the beauty and divinity of all who join us. Trusting that within this small social microcosm we shall pierce time and space. And see God, through the eyes of each soul and each particle of GAIA – earth’s soil. And with every breath we take, we will inhale our freedoms. With “mindfulness” we know that it is only when inner-peace is accomplished can world peace be achieved.

Please join us for what will feel like a holy hallelujah of resurrection as we release the past in a dissolution of yesterday winds and rejoice in the evolution of today and morrow. And connect and ascend to a place of higher consciousness within ourselves that we almost forgot existed but came in remembrance of. So come! Come here the whisper. Come for the inner-nudge. Come answer the call of spirit. Come open. Come full. Come to empty. For these are sacred times!

NOTE: Our agenda in Peru is split between touring the sacred ruins in three main cities: Sacred Valley, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. Sacred time has been carved out for our retreat sessions which are comprised of a welcoming blessing – Despacho Ceremony by a Peruvian Qero’ Shaman, artist performances, author talks, music therapy, art therapy, sound healing, Reiki, poetic exaltations, permaculture, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and our finale Dinner Theatre called: GAIA/Sacred Geometry: Inner-Peace = World Peace, that will be filmed during our Jam Session for Peace that includes Peruvian artists and an open invitation to the Peruvian community to attend our finale. Space is limited so please RSVP.

We hope to see you in Peru! Until then, please enjoy the below song I wrote and perform for “World Peace” called: If We Could Just Be Still! And see the schedule of our upcoming Retreat Teasers by the other authors and presenters below.

Retreat Teaser Article Schedule:

Jan 16 – Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC – Sacretherapy® – A Sacred Retreat to Inner Peace: If We Could Just Be Still!

Mon. Jan 30 – Missy Crutchfield – Gandhi’s Be the Change – A Retreat for World Peace and Non-Violence

Mon. Feb 13 – Dr. Andrea Pennington – A Re-Treat: How To Liberate & Love Your Authentic Self

Mon. Feb 27 – Antoine Chevalier, Ph.D., MPP, HK – How Retreats Unlock “Hidden Powers of Creation”

Mon. Mar 13 – Dr. Ivan Figueroa – Retreating with “Spirituality 103: The Forgiveness Code –
Finding the Light In Our Shadows”

Mon. Mar 27 – Edwige Bingue, Ph.D. – Retreating To A Sacred Space Where It’s Understood:
“You’re Not Crazy – You’re Awakening”

Mon. Apri 10 – Melissa Turner – Photo-Linguistics: Looking Through the Lens of Peace – Do You See What I See?


Music Video: If We Could Just Be Still!

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