Missy Crutchfield: Intersectionality? Here’s the Intersection of ALL Intersections… Go Vegan


Missy Crutchfield

What’s the one thing you can do as an activist to really take your life and work off the charts?

I like to say, “Take it to your plate.” Go Vegan. It’s the Intersection of ALL Intersections…

My first exposure to activism and movements was through the animal rights movement. I had lived in NYC in the early 80’s as a teenager aspiring to be an actress, but later moved back in 1990 where Cleveland Amory became a cherished friend, and even referred himself as “my grandfather.” Cleveland was the President of “The Fund for Animals” and was known as the father of the animal rights movement. He became my hero. Cleveland would take me to lunch almost every Sunday, as he endured my endless questions with unending patience. Afterward, I would watch him play chess in various places—mainly Central Park–as he would play with several “chess regulars” there.

As Cleveland enlightened me about the issues and I struggled with my acting career. The things I learned then from Cleveland and the animal rights movements are the things that continue to drive my commitment to nonviolent living, total “ahimsa,” total compassion through the vegan diet and lifestyle. Cleveland passed away in 1998, but his memories, lectures (especially the ones around animal protection), along with his incredible intellect, will remain in my mind and heart forever.

I believe once your awareness and compassion become heightened you realize we have to take it beyond human to human you have to take it to the planet and all of its inhabitants. That’s why we started a vegan movement #VTheChange and we call it the intersection of all intersections because I believe that once your compassion is deepened that all roads lead to nonviolence–nonviolence to each other, the animals, in our thoughts and our minds. It’s all connected. We are all connected. We want to take care of each other and while we’re lifting up this deep awareness and compassion for one another as “All God’s Children” and we also lift up “All God’s Creatures” then everything falls into place. I’m proud and honored and excited to be part of this movement and to be working with all our brothers and sisters around the world working on these issues and working to “Be The Change” they want to see in the world.

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