Is Everything Really Art?


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Contrary to popular belief, everything isn’t and shouldn’t be considered an art form. Art is being used to sex things up and give them cache that they normally would not have. I have been reading recently that making everything art or an art form dumbs down the whole art process. Does this make you uneasy? Art in its classic form is very narrow in scope and I understand the need for so many to want to expand upon the whole concept but are we doing it at the expense of what is real and sound. Believe me there are enough art people in the classic setup of art who are abominating it as it is and for it to get watered down more is a shame and a sham. I would love to hear some fresh ideas about what this message sends to the masses.

In the article, [ Call The Art Police], Diane Ragsdale explores the reasons she feels that its OK to broaden the scope of art from what she considers the norm. To a degree, I feel she is right especially about good art being in small towns and art festivals that abound but there has to be a point somewhere that people say WTF. Maybe this broadening is happening to bring more people into art and is used as a gateway to get people who will to go on to explore the classics but I am just not sure.


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