ISHA Offers Free Yoga Day on January 7, 2017



As a commitment to bring well-being to the surrounding communities, Isha Institute will be offering free yoga classes and lessons on vegetarian cooking every month.

The free yoga day for this month is on Jan 7, 2017. Free, family-friendly yoga sessions will be offered throughout the day. These yoga sessions are based in classical yoga and are suitable for everyone, addressing every aspect of a person, from body and mind, to emotions and energy. No physical agility or previous yoga experience is needed to attend these sessions. One can choose the session based on their interest. Check the full schedule below to learn about different free yoga lessons.

The 1400 acre Isha Institute is nestled on the beautiful Cumberland plateau which offers great outdoor activities like guided hikes to a breathtaking bluff view, free access to over 10 miles of forested hiking and mountain biking trails, vegetarian cooking classes, live music, food, and fun!

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