To Israel-Palestine With Love from Chattanooga


Welcome to “Be In The City” a blog-within-a-blog where Gandhi’s Be Magazine Co-Founders Missy Crutchfield and Melissa Turner explore what it really means to “think global, act local” and take their work for global social and environmental innovation from online to offline…

Missy Crutchfield and Melissa Turner
Gandhi’s Be Magazine

You may have been watching her postings on Facebook recently, but for those who haven’t heard yet Missy is currently on location with Center for Jewish Nonviolence for their 2017 Delegation to Israel-Palestine from May 14-22. Watch for her live coverage updates with photos and videos on Facebook and stay tuned about upcoming learning sessions upon Missy’s return where she’ll be sharing more about her trip and how we can all get involved in the continued efforts right from home.

We invite our “Be In The City” friends to get involved!! Here’s how:

–Follow & Share!! Missy’s coverage on location as activists from around the world convene in the West Bank for 9 days of solidarity activism with Palestinians, infrastructure development, agricultural projects, sit-ins, and nonviolent direct action. It all takes place May 14-22.

-Support!! Give something toward the cause by making a donation to Center for Jewish Nonviolence to help defray the costs of nonviolence workshops and materials, the purchase of shovels and wheelbarrows for the agricultural projects, and the overall long-term sustainability of this grassroots movement for change.

-Learn More!! Stay tuned about learning sessions upon Missy’s return, she’ll be sharing more about her trip and ways we can all get involved in the continued efforts from right here at home.

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Thank you so much everyone!!