Jon Coffelt: “The Art of Changing the World: Janet Goldner and Mali”


The Art of Changing the World

Jon Coffelt, artist, activist, curator

Jon Coffelt
Artist, activist, and curator


Janet Goldner is an artist and interculturalist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She also spends several months out of the year in Mali, where she has worked on Fulbright research there and she has started women’s education and empowerment programs as well as artistic residency programs dealing with culture and social issues.

In March 2014, an artistic residency program KAWRAL engaged 25 professional artists from throughout Mali, and over three weeks, the artists worked on themes of “Reconciliation, Peace and Social Cohesion.”

Janet writes on her perspective about the crisis in Mali:

Kawral-cover“A long brewing crisis in Mali erupted over a year ago exposing wide spread corruption and nepotism that had frustrated Malians for a long time. Although Malians knew of their own frustrations and those of their immediate friends and family, the crisis laid bare a shocking degree of blatant governmental abuse. Perhaps the most crucial neglect was in the contentious and collapsed education system. But corruption permeated all levels of society and went as far as governmental collaboration with drug traffickers and hostage takers…

Mali needs support for a Malian solution rather than imposed solutions driven by external interests. A durable solution can come only from the Malian cultural and historical context. Malians themselves need to build a representative, democratic, pluralistic government that hears and respects the will and the rights of all Malians.”

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