Profiles of Changemakers: Jon Coffelt


This profile was published as part of Gandhi’s Be Magazine’s #ProfilesofChangemakers series, uplifting the stories, lives, and work of Changemakers who are being the change they wish to see in the world.

Jon Coffelt is a New York City-based artist and activist, and he is a Gandhi’s Be Magazine Artist For Peace. Described as a highly acclaimed artist, activist, curator, and former gallery owner living in New York, this hardly describes the dynamic character and passion that fuel Jon’s art and activism and how those intertwine into a powerful force for arts and social issues. In 2000, Jon’s work was chosen for “House and Garden: Twists on Domesticity,” at Space One Eleven, Birmingham, AL through a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts. In this exhibition, he hand-sewed more than 250 miniature garments that were exhibited here using original fabrics from clothing surrendered by individuals across the country to produce exact replicas keeping the integrity of these pieces intact with the fabrics, shapes and seams of the garments. He calls these memory sculptures because most of the pieces came from a loved one. For January/February 2009, “Fiberarts Magazine” featured Jon’s “Miniature Clothing Project” in its Creative Process section. Jon uses cherished items of clothing to create miniature replica garments, and he describes the miniatures as tiny symbols of people and events, folded in time. Jon is currently known for his “Cosmos” series, “Circuitry” series, and the fabric art series known as “Miniatures” or memory clothing. He is also co-creator of the “One World Wallet” initiative creating duct tape wallets that remind collectors of the power of the wallet and giving back—part of the proceeds from One World Wallet go to Gandhi Global Center For Peace. A book collection on “One World Wallet” will be debuting soon.

Jon says, “My work involves ideas of chaos from order and order from chaos through historical and personal context. Opportunity is imbued the viewer to continue conversations of past, present, and on-going dialogues. I am passionate about ideas that inform.”

One World Wallet
One World Wallet

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