KOMC: Keep Our Mountains Clean!


Introducing the New Awareness Campaign from Gandhi Global Center for Peace

Here at Gandhi’s Be Magazine, we realize it’s an amazing responsibility coming back from an experience like Everest Base Camp Trek. Tourism is the number one industry in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world. For every tourist or trekker, at least 10 jobs are created, from guides and porters to teahouse attendants and cooks.

Yet, trekkers also leave an impact that isn’t so positive: litter and trash is scattered across the age-old Himalayan Mountain Range. So, Gandhi’s Be Magazine Editor-in-Chief Missy Crutchfield began thinking about the incredible gift that the mountain and her people had given us and how we can all give back in gratitude.

On the way down from Everest Base Camp, Missy began picking up pieces of litter from the trail along the way, one piece for each day trekking, thirteen pieces altogether. This inspired her to start a campaign “Keep Our Mountains Clean” and she shared this idea with our fellow team members on the trail. It’s something we can all do to begin making a difference. Inspired by Missy, several of us team members joined in the last few days of the trek, picking up our own pieces of litter for each day of trekking. It’s certainly easier, and perhaps safer, to do this on the trek back. And it’s a way to leave the mountains cleaner than we found them.

So Gandhi’s Be Magazines invites you, join us to “Keep Our Mountains Clean.” When you go hiking or trekking, always bring back out what you brought in with you and dispose of properly, preferably recycling. Pick up litter for each day or hour (for a day hike) that you are on the trial. And share the “Keep Our Mountains Clean” promo below on your Facebook and Twitter pages. We don’t want your money. We want your change. Together we can make a difference!

Introducing KOMC “Keep Our Mountains Clean”

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