Mahatma Gandhi’s Grandson Arun Gandhi Makes Statement on Chattanooga Shooting


Arun Gandhi
Gandhi Global Center for Peace

Arun part 1 photoThe recent shooting of four Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was another senseless act, in the milieu of a senseless war that has turned into a war of vengeance and prejudice. My heart goes out to victims on both sides. Hate, prejudice and destruction is not what civilization is about.

Problems cannot always be solved by “killing the bad guys”. We are now rapidly reaching the stage when every brown skinned, bearded person is an “Islamic terrorist” and for the Muslims every white skinned person is the epitome of evil. Each is trying to destroy the other while no one is paying any attention to the problem that got us in this violent mess. The blame lies squarely on both sides of this conflict.

We are on the road to perdition. Already there are rumblings in conservative circles to bomb Iran to stop them from getting the nuclear bomb. We seem to have forgotten that we went and bombed Iraq because of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and are embroiled for fourteen years in a war that we cannot end. Is bombing Iran going to make the world a safer place and bring security to Israel?

No one has ever found security and stability in fear. We are now living in fear of our own shadows. Fear of fellow human beings only drags us into violence and violence leads to the destruction of civilization. Let us wake up from this nightmare and reclaim our humanity.