Metta Center for Nonviolence: Roadmap for Unity, Strategy, and Nonviolent Power for an Unstoppable Movement


Missy Crutchfield & Melissa Turner
Gandhi’s Be Magazine

Whether you look at the Climate Change Marches, the Free Palestine Movement, or the Animal Rights Movement, there is a sense of intersectionality that connects the core principles, strategies, goals, and objectives of nonviolent movements and revolution.

Metta Center for Nonviolence is a leading educator in the philosophy and practice of nonviolence in everyday life and global action. Headed by Founder and Author Michael Nagler, Metta Center has developed the Roadmap for Unity, Strategy, and Nonviolent Power for an Unstoppable Movement to help make “the movement of movements visual.”

PDF Version: Roadmap

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Metta Center emphasizes the importance of nonviolent change beginning from the individual and working outward into the surrounding community and beyond:

“Integral to Roadmap is a ‘peace from within’ empowerment model based on Gandhi’s famous concept of svadeshi, or ‘localism:’ we work on ourselves, work with colleagues, and then use that energy to work against oppressing systems, but not the persons operating them!”

Metta Center offers a FREE online training for the Roadmap and personal and practical applications.

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