Missy Crutchfield: Acknowledging the Difference Between Nonviolent & Violent Offenses Could Mean the End of Our Mass Incarceration Addiction



When I came across the story and petition about the man who threw a firecracker at a dog, knowing the dog would try to eat it–which of course the dog did and then it blew off its face… This was so disturbing and I was literally in tears. But, I get to that point a lot these days. It is not easy speaking truth to power, and it is ever harder to stay vigilant and speak out against #corruption and #violence happening on a daily basis.

I am very much against our current #MassIncarceration system and the #PrisonPrivatization issue is huge and must be dealt with… The recent expose of #KidsForCash along with other corrupt practices in our criminal justice system results in too many kids (and adults) being arrested and incarcerated for nonviolent offenses or things that should be dealt with differently than just locking-up humans and kids–and throwing away the key.

The crime that the man who killed by blowing up the dog’s face is very serious. It is also a strong indicator of domestic violence–he very well may be a perpetrator in of domestic violence, along with being an animal abuser–these issues are all connected. And, sexual abuse is wrapped up in all of this as well. So, admittedly, these people are not in their right minds, not thinking clearly and perhaps acting out of hate and/or depression. They need a lot of help, but in the meantime they do need to be put somewhere, where they can’t harm another person or animal.

With this said, it is infuriating that we are locking up kids for things they perhaps don’t even know are wrong, along with nonviolence drug offenses, and we also need to get a quick grip on legalizing marijuana. Too many kid’s lives (and adult’s) are being destroyed and taxpayer dollars going to lock-up these kids and people (and then they are in the “system” and we know once you’re there– it’s hard to get out– and if they were that smart or strong in the first place they might not have even chosen that direction…

So, and knowing there isn’t a “quick fix” regarding addressing the issue of animal abuse –we should make it a priority to address it in our legal system for what it is, #AnimalAbuse. And, by separating these criminals from society, we may save many people–especially women and girls and young boys–from violence and sexual abuse. And, in the meantime, while the system is so focused on filling prison cells under #PrisonPrivatization — we could handle some of that by tightening laws and addressing animal abuses as serious offenses.

I know, and we know, that violence and abuse is taught and learned. Victims become perpetrators and the cycle of violence continues. Until we stop it…

Even the evil in that man and that Godless act he committed killing that precious animal, even he started out as an innocent child (I believe) and someone somewhere impacted him negatively or the absence of a positive influence left a void to be filled, and he ended up filling it with this hate and obsession for violence. This is at the core.

Gandhi speaks about passive violence, and how it affects us more than we know. We must address these criminals, but in the meantime, how can we reach out with compassion to others, and perhaps those that are on the border, and help bring positive change to their lives before it is too late?

Help them to see the light. God is Love.

Believe we can save the children, the animals, the planet, and each other. I do. I #Believe.

We must #forgive (and it is really tough sometimes), but we must.

We must reach in our own souls and search for love and peace and then start spreading it.

Be light, be love, be the change. #WeAreOne #IAmTheChange

Peace, Love +Light,



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