Missy Crutchfield: As US ‪‎Taxpayers‬, we should be outraged. ‪”‎Not With My Tax Dollars‬,” “‪Speak Truth To Power‬!



I read this piece in Electronicintifada today. As US Taxpayers, we should be outraged. #NotWithMyTaxDollars #SpeakTruthToPower

Electronicintifada: Has the Israel lobby really lost its mojo?

“With Iran a done deal, these discussions are getting underway in earnest — and media reports suggest that Israel will try to get as much as $45 billion in military aid from the US through 2028. In other words, Obama may now wind up signing a deal to increase the Bush administration’s commitment to Israel by 50 percent.

“While it is doubtful that Israel would use these weapons to unilaterally attack Iran, they unquestionably will be used to entrench and solidify Israel’s military occupation and colonization of Palestinian land, making the US even further complicit in Israel’s accompanying atrocities.

“This new military aid deal, sadly, will be Obama’s enduring legacy on the Israeli-Palestinian issue as his presidency draws to a close.
The debacle for Netanyahu and AIPAC on Iran demonstrably shows that Israel and its allies do not dictate the terms and contours of broader US foreign policy goals. However, their power to preserve the status quo on US policy toward Israel and the Palestinians has emerged largely unscathed from this battle.

“Netanyahu is coming to Washington to kiss and make up with Obama over Iran in November — and to collect his check. Without a massive uproar from civil society before then, US taxpayers will be on the hook for another decade of underwriting Israel’s oppression of Palestinians.
Vice President Joe Biden recently acknowledged that US taxpayers already fund 20 percent of Israel’s entire military budget.”

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