Missy Crutchfield: How Can You Really Make a Difference in 2018? #VTheChange Join the Vegan Revolution


Missy Crutchfield
Gandhi’s Be Magazine

I truly believe if Mahatma Gandhi were alive today that the next frontier for his life and work would be the Vegan Revolution. That’s why here at Gandhi’s Be Magazine we took Gandhi’s famous quote “Be the change” to the next level… #VTheChange Go Vegan for your health, the health of the planet, and the health of all earth’s inhabitants.

Get inspired and motivated to take your activism to your plate! CLICK HERE to get your copy of “All God’s Creature” a manifesto for the Vegan Revolution.

This isn’t a fad. This isn’t a passing event. This is real people taking their passion to the streets and, more specifically, to their plates. It’s the one single thing we can all do to make a personal difference in climate change, animal rights, human rights, and social justice. Welcome to the Vegan Revolution!

This revolution will change our minds, bodies, spirits, as well as people and planet.

This revolution will send a message to big government, big pharmaceuticals, corporate media, medical establishments, health professionals, grocery stores, public and private schools and the education system, restaurants, slaughterhouses, prisons, athletics, unions, small business, large corporations—virtually anyone and anywhere—that we mean business and we’re not playing.

#VTheChange: Spread the Message Far and Wide

I talk to at least three people a day. I speak at engagements and always wrap up the conversation or key points with “and, the most impacting action you can take to change the world and reverse global warming and support nonviolence is to go vegan.”

The creativity in and from this movement is amazing. The “counter-ads” and songs, the raps and videos and documentaries. The incredible way people are spreading and sharing information about the need to wake up and spread the light about love and compassion and ending the violence that is consuming our country and our world… The list goes on…

People are waking up and realizing how we have been “duped” by the meat industry, dairy council, health care industry, lobbyists and government business as usual.

My 20-year-old son recently became vegan. He came in one day and said, “Mom, my friends and I are vegan now.” He added that if he knew how good he was going to feel, he would have done it a long time ago… He said he and his friends are “woke” now. He’s on a mission, along with so many other young people to turn this mess around. They want their world to be different and they are sick and tired (literally) of how the older generations have trashed the planet and the downward spiral that is happening in our world today.

We must stop consuming fear and violence and we must stop eating death and disease…These young people aren’t playing around and neither should we… Our planet is hanging in the balance and we must rise up and embrace our deepest inner hero!!! We can save the earth. Together we can!!!

The movement is born. Welcome to the nonviolent revolution. Welcome to the Vegan Revolution. Welcome to the “woke world.”

I’ve Literally Put My Skin in the Game to Raise Awareness about the Animal Holocaust…

Last year, I got a tattoo on my wrist that says “Vegan.” When I order food and explain “I’m vegan” I show the tattoo and say “I’m not kidding.” Yes, I have real skin in the game. But my skin was a choice, unlike the skin and flesh that is stolen from innocent beings numbering in the millions each day.

What have we done? What is happening to the animals is nothing short of an animal holocaust. The way we disregard the lives of these innocent, sentient beings and justify the system by assuming everything on this planet is here to serve our pleasure or needs as human beings is a perverse assumption from an egomaniacal species. We humans act as though we are “god on earth” and manipulate masses into compliance and / or cooperation—either way, what we are doing is murder.

We are finally collectively waking up and screaming “bloody murder!” This madness must end now and the planet is on the verge of taking her own actions, as Mother Earth truly isn’t happy. We are also awakening to the fact that we are all responsible and accountable for our actions and also for not speaking out loudly enough and taking action to end this nightmare that brought on today’s animal holocaust.

Now Is The Time to #VTheChange, Go Vegan, and “Be the Change We Wish to See in the World”

Take the vegan pledge. Talk to someone. Pass out literature, pamphlets, find a way to drive the conversation home to the issues that are at state—our lives, the animals’ lives, the health of the planet, and our own health. Any way you look at it, we’re connected and this house of cards is about to fall if we don’t act now and act fast. We must also act bravely. Stand up and speak out like you’ve never spoken out before. Speak out and take action like your very life depends on it, because it does.

Talk to your school lunch programs.
Talk to the nursing homes and assisted living establishments.
Talk to the prisons.
Talk to legislators, councils, leadership teams, organizations, and businesses you spend time and money with.
Talk to your boards.
Talk to your investment brokers.
Talk to your families.
Talk to your religious establishment.
Talk to your friends.

and then…Take it to the streets… Vote.
Vote compassion. Vote change. Vote to end the violence.

Here are some resources to share and ways to help you reach people through social media and email… CLICK HERE!

If you talk to three people a day, in one year you will have reached 1,095 people directly. The exponential number from that is astounding, as the conversation and change ripples out. This movement is so powerful and timely that the people you “wake up” will be inspired to be peace ambassadors as well… We would literally change the world and save the planet through waking people up and inspiring them to “Be the Change” and #VTheChange.

We can do it!

Yes, we can. We can change the world together. It’s not too late. We can work together to awaken the world. We can bring true compassion on earth and we can begin today.

Make the commitment to share and spread three (more if you can) social media posts and conversations a day. Don’t forget to speak with your grocery store and give them your lists of vegan items to include in their purchasing. They are actually really good about adding things and their surveys are coming back in favor of this vegan revolution!!

Make the change in your life, your home, your community, your country and in the world. We can do it!! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!!

Blessings, Love, Peace +Light for #AllGodsChildren and #AllGodsCreatures. #WeAreOne