Missy Crutchfield: Preview of “All God’s Creatures” A Manifesto


Missy Crutchfield
Gandhi’s Be Magazine

I truly believe if Mahatma Gandhi were alive today, the vegan revolution would be the next frontier for his work. He said, “My life is my message.” What message are we sending with our lives when we consume food and products that cause the suffering and death of those who cannot speak, the animals, our planet and all of its inhabitants.

We are all connected. Once our awareness and compassion become heightened, we realize we have to take nonviolence as a way of life beyond just human to human interaction. We take it to the planet and all of its inhabitants, and we begin to connect even deeper for a healthy mind, body, spirit, people, and planet.

Now is the time. We are all called to more fully embrace the realization of our global and planet interconnectivity—between humans, animals and plant life, as our survival truly depends on this amazing web, ecosystem, and interconnectivity of life forms and existence. While we’re lifting up this awareness of compassion for one another as “All God’s Children” we must also lift up “All God’s Creatures.”

This is the next generation of nonviolent revolution. We are on the cusp of a vegan revolution–a nonviolent movement that begins at “the intersection of all intersections” because when our compassion is heightened, all roads lead to nonviolence—nonviolence to each other, the animals, in our thoughts and in our actions. It’s all connected. We’re all connected.

Let our message stand for peace on planet Earth and justice for “All God’s Children” and “All God’s Creatures,” because truly “We Are One.”

More to come…