Missy Crutchfield Releases New PDF “All God’s Creatures” A Manifesto for the Vegan Revolution


Missy Crutchfield, Co-Founder of Gandhi’s Be Magazine and Gandhi Global Center For Peace, released a new e-book “All God’s Creatures” a manifesto for the vegan revolution calling on all activists, and people worldwide who are committed to be the change they wish to see in the world, to start with what’s on their plates.

Missy shares, “I truly believe if Mahatma Gandhi were alive today, the vegan revolution would be the next frontier for his work. He said, ‘My life is my message.’ What message are we sending with our lives when we consume food and products that cause the suffering and death of those who cannot speak, the animals, our planet and all of its inhabitants.”

“All God’s Creatures” serves to connect readers to an unstoppable revolution that touches on every animal rights, human rights, and earth justice issue our generation faces today–from animal cruelty and the factory farming industrial complex to global hunger and poverty to climate change.

Coming Soon!