Missy Crutchfield: Standing Rock, Trump, and What’s Next?


Missy Crutchfield

This is what Gandhi taught us: If we live our lives with personal conviction and try to “Be the Change” in our own lives everything will take care of itself. If we lived this way we would get to where we want to go…

Life is about humanity, living in harmony with the planet, and doing the right thing. This movement is being born, and the awakening is happening. It’s very exciting. It can also be frightening at times. But we cannot let our fears keep us from doing the great work we were born to do.

The Hopi Elders speak about these important times in our world. They say, “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.” This is the moment we have all envisioned together, that we can create a world of peace and nonviolence, embrace diversity, embrace all our brothers and sisters, embrace all living things. We must believe. We must have faith. We must work for this like our lives depend on this, because indeed they do. Let’s flip the downward spiral up and make this change together… we can do it.

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