Missy Crutchfield: The Blind Men and The Elephant


Elephant parable

We can all learn a lot from this story, and there are several versions in different religions. But the message is clear… ‪#‎WeAreOne‬

We are ‪#‎AllGodsChildren‬

We must learn to ‪#‎Coexist‬ before it is too late…

The Blind Men and The Elephant:
A group of blind men (or men in the dark) touch an elephant to learn what it is like. Each one feels a different part, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then compare notes and learn that they are in complete disagreement.

The stories differ primarily in how the elephant’s body parts are described, how violent the conflict becomes and how (or if) the conflict among the men and their perspectives is resolved.

In some versions, they stop talking, start listening and collaborate to “see” the full elephant. When a sighted man walks by and sees the entire elephant all at once, the blind men also learn they are all blind. While one’s subjective experience is true, it may not be the totality of truth….

Peace, Love +Light,



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