A Newly-Designed Space Welcomes Nutrition World’s Customers to Health and Well-being As a Way of Life


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Missy Crutchfield and Melissa Turner
Gandhi’s Be Magazine

Having served as Chattanooga’s premier natural health store for nearly 40 years, our partners at Nutrition World have recently unveiled a new look and feel—a vibrant, open, spa-like atmosphere that welcomes curiosity and a sense of well-being.

All achieved during a record-setting 30-day remodel, Owner Ed Jones says the new design creates an inspiring setting for true health and self-education to begin. With all this change in the air, Nutrition World is also emerging as a center of learning where customers can attend a regular series of classes and workshops on topics ranging from making your own Kombucha to understanding medicinal mushrooms with local artisan farmers from Forest Folk Fungi.

Celebrating local artisans and products is an integral feature of Nutrition World’s fresh environment with exotic plant arrangements from Sacred Harvest and weekly fresh deliveries of juices from Southern Squeeze, just to name a couple new partnerships.

Learn more at: www.nutritionw.com